King of My Heart!!! 

…Over again I give you my heart

Over again I give you my soul…

Over again and over again I belong to you…

How many times do we actually sing this song without having anything else in mind.

Who has the center space of your heart? This was what clouded my mind last night and it really made me so restless.

Who have you placed as the guard in your heart?

Everytime I stumble on this song I feel this sweet sensation, I feel like just putting an end to my life pursuits and just whisk myself up to a convent or somewhere at the depth of the world. 

I remember when growing up I had wanted to be a nun. At 9years old I would read the bible from Genesis down to Revelation, I had a heart for the things of God and nothing could quench that.

I remember when I just gave my life to Christ, I was just a baby then and everything seemed to be covered in crystal glasses. There was this time I had my quiet time with God and I felt the fire like never before, I was in tears and declaring my love for God and after it was all over I said to myself…

Judith you are going to the convent this very minute so just pack your bags and off we go, but I had it all wrong at that point and that is what happens to us, we allow our emotions cloud our judgement and we make so many promises to God only for us to go back the same way we came.

At a time in my life I hated everything about living in this part of this world or any part as the case maybe and every night before I go to bed I would pray to God asking Him to take me away into His loving arms. The simple truth was I wanted to die, how? Well I don’t know but I was one crazy little child at least that was what I told myself.

No I didn’t murder anyone neither did I commit any grievous sin that overwhelmed me, on the contrary I justed wanted it to all go away.

So am I in the convent now? No

Am a nun? No

Do I still want to be a nun? No

You might wonder how all this long story about my childhood connects to the title above.

Jesus was at the center of my heart and nothing mattered not until life happened and the crystal glasses I lived in shattered to pieces… I took a trip to wonderland and I couldn’t find my way back.

Gradually but slowly Jesus Christ who was at the center of my life was given a quit notice, somehow He ended up in the basement. 

Isn’t that were we all keep Jesus? At the very bottom of our lives were he doesn’t have to make any decisions for us. So many times he wants to direct our paths but we take it all for granted, well I did. We claim we know it all.

But do we really know it all?

We are all grown up now so we don’t need anyone controlling us. We can make decisions ourselves without any advisory body on our neck. 

I didn’t understand what it was like to be born again.

Being a born again is not something you feel… rather it is a call we have to decide to answer or ignore… It is a conscious and a deliberate move to want something you never had but you must decide with your “Five Senses”

As we grew older certain things of life starts to take the place of God in our life, thoughts like: I need a boyfriend or a girlfriend… I need a new car and we are constantly thinking about these things without having regard for God who made it all.

What is the last thing you thing about when you are in bed?

Fixing up our eyes on God and neglecting all that doesn’t go according to God’s plan for you.

This song titled “King of My Heart” by John Mark & Sarah McMillan best summaries all that is in my heart.

Toady let us make the “Conscious” decision to bring Jesus back to the center of our lives but this time around as the King of our hearts, as the one making the decisions in all we do, whether it favours us or not.

He is knocking at the door of your heart this minute. Will you open? Will you give him the honour he deserves? Will you open up only for you to push him out again? 

Cut off from me and you can do nothing (Let me correct something here for a minute… What Jesus meant by this was not that you can’t acquire material possessions or that you can’t be successful in life but he is talking about the Spiritual aspects of our lives which basically controls the physical, so if you are not in Him you can’t possess the Spiritual gifts he promised, imagine a life void of God’s gift, it is empty on the inside but full on the outside, an example would be Nicodemus who was visibly rich but spiritually poor, something was missing, and he needed more so he renounced himself which is the only way to God)

For you are the branch and He is the vine who supplies your needs and causes you to bear fruit..

The connection between a branch and a vine is one of intimacy in a situation whereby the other party depends solely on the other for life, it is a close knit one and without the support of the vine, the branch becomes useless,  just like a child who still in his mother’s womb depends on her, everything revolves round his mother’s womb were he feels protected, nurtured, provided for and above all loved.  

That my friends is what our relationship with God should be like. Decide today who will have your heart…

I leave you with the words of John Mark and Sarah’s song titled… “King of my Heart”

……….. ………. ……….. …………….

Let the King of my heart

be the mountain where I run

The Fountain I drink from

Oh He is my Song

Let the King of my heart

be the shadow where I hide

the randsom for my life

Oh He is my Song

You are good



You are good



You are good



You are good



Let the King of my heart

be the wind inside my sails

The anchor in the waves

Oh He is my Song

Let the King of my heart

be the fire inside my veins

the echo of my days

Oh He is my Song

“You’re never gonna let me down—


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