Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled! Pt 2

Hello Lovelies, how are we doing today? I am so sorry I couldn’t publish the second part of this post, my sincere apologies guys. We have been having serious light issues for a while now, hopefully things will be better soon.

Let’s continue from where we stopped, can we? Its a yes!

…………. ………. ………. ……….. 

Is God in control of your finances?

Is God powerful, wise and good?
Do you believe that in everything that happens in your life, God is working for your good?

Can you trust Him?

Did you answer yes to the above questions? 

You need to search deep in your heart to know whom you belong to because when we allow ourselves to be worried we focus more on the problem than the solution which at the end leaves us drained.

God is the solution to every problem you are facing right now, for He is the way, the truth and life to whoever calls to him. 

He is the answer to your questions.

The Lord says, I will condemn those who turn away from me and put their trust in human beings, in the strength of mortals…. But I will bless the person who puts his trust in me. He is like a tree growing near a stream and sending out roots to the water. It is not afraid when hot weather comes, because its leaves stay green; it has no worries when there is no rain; it keeps on bearing fruit…. Jeremiah 17:5-8

This passage gives me so much life and strength…

Who has your trust? Don’t you think need a rethink?

Do not neglect the good things life has to offer by clouding your mind on negativity and bad judgment, it kills faster than a gun. 

It is okay if we are concerned because then we are creative and look for a way forward.

Jesus was never worried or troubled about anything, in every argument and difficulty he approached with humility and gentleness, he would rather profer a solution than dwell on an issue..

I mean did you notice the way Jesus always attacked the Pharisees and Sadducess with just the right word to keep them shut and ashamed, I am so sure most of them almost peed on themselves when Jesus spoke. He was never met unguarded or scared but rather he knew whose father he belonged to and he stood on that basic fact.

Today do something different than you have being doing before, when you keep trying a method and it doesn’t work out try another means till you get what you want.

  • Approach issues of life with humility & gentleness..

When the issue of food was mentioned to Jesus he was concerned about how hungry the crowd were and that did not stress him up a bit. A natural man would have to do plus and minus and division and probably end up solving nothing, for some people the mere thought of it alone could choke them to death but not Jesus who know his source and all he needed to do was to connect to that source with faith, believing it will come to pass just as it was written in the scriptures. 

Jesus didn’t need to call for any collection or seed sowing to feed the hungry crowd rather he made do with the little that was available…

That was all Jesus needed to solve the problem, case closed and we all know what happened at the end.

Are you still waiting for that big break or that big check or huge sum of money someone promised you before you can do something?

Think again..

It is amazing how we all fold our arms in search of something within our reach without having to go through long lengths to get it. There are so many opportunities around us laying dormat but we choose to neglect them in place  for the already made goods.

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled!!!

If only you believe you will receive, this is mathematics neither is it physics, it is just what it is.

It is time to leave that bed you have buried yourself in for months and see the light starring right in front of your mirror, take a cool bath, wear your best dress, turn up the music so loud and sing and dance to the glory of God till your feets crack and if it doesn’t crack you are not there yet.

Paul and Silas praised and danced to God even when bound in chains and locked up in a dungeon, until God did something about their situation they were ready to offer praise to God for days non stop, they could have just laid there crying and cursing and complaining but they wouldn’t give the devil the chance to see their tears so they sprang into action and caused God to act on their behalf. They took a step of faith that resulted to their miraculous release, they weren’t sure if God would answer them but its either this or that and they chose the other.

Radical praise gives birth to radical results. 

Do you doubt me? then ask David who stripped naked giving praise to God.

My God is able to do abundantly more than we can ever ask or think about if you could let go of your troubles and do that which he requires from you.

Let the Joy of the Lord be your strength?

Its a rap guys, I hope you were blessed because I really am and I can’t wait to get home and dance for my daddy…

Thought to ponder on… 

Are you leading yourself or is God leading?

Love From Judith


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