A New Beginning! 

Hello Lovelies! Long time no post right? Its so good to be back after a long while which wasn’t intentional trust me.

So what’s being happening since my absence, I feel I have to catch up on alot of things that I missed while I was away. Ever since I lost my phone I have being receiving so many threat calls from my dearest friend Gold to post something lol (He keeps pushing me to be the best I can be, thanks alot dear, you have no idea how much those calls meant to me)… I mean its that crazy. But I just didn’t want to disappear again so I had to just trust God for a phone or a laptop…

Being away has really given me the opportunity to think and evaluate on the visions I have on this blog and so many other projects birthed inside of me. God has really opened my eyes to see things beyond my thinking… 

“The waiting period” (A post on it coming up soon) wasn’t easy for me as the inpatient type but it was very important for me to just sit and learn without any form of distraction.

I have had to go back in time and source out the reason behind D’EveInMe. Doing this made it easier for me to be on the right path towards what God has called me for and as long as I breath I do not want to deviate from the truth or be carried away…

N.B: It’s very important as a blogger to take time out to evaluate the progress on your blog.. You can decide to take time out from blogging and just breath especially when things are overwhelming for you but make sure your readers knows before hand.

D’EveInMe is a journey of grace, mistakes, imperfection,self discovery and self love to those in need of it. A light to make clear the things of God. 

Mistakes are made

Lessons are learnt

Healing begins 

But we still stand tall and are eager to reach the finish line. 

D’EveInMe connects to people struggling and striving  just like me to live a life of emulation, a life that can be described to the one Christ Jesus lived on earth. 

Learning from past mistakes and building up a solid faith in God…. Its not a journey made by just me alone but together we partake in the temptations and persecutions we face daily to attain the promise made by God and together we partake in the victory..

At the time I started this blog I had no idea what to except, I just needed a place were I could pour out my heart and mind to whoever cares to listen.. I was so confused and I started doubting myself but then God found me worthy and took me by the hand as a sign of acceptance.. He opened my heart to gush out what He put their and He assured me of His undieing support and love even when I keep reminding Him that I don’t deserve it. 

D’EveInMe what I would like to call an “Incubator” where we are nurtured by the renewal of our mind and by the words of our mouth.

I have learnt alot from so many beautiful and handsome people here on wordpress and I am so amazed at how our paths crossed and how your words makes me feel so loved, its more than I ever imagined… (I am such a cry baby)

It’s a new beginning for me guys filled with hope and purpose. Thanks alot for your prayers and concern when I was away in wonderland. Thanks to D’Dreams for checking up on me and Berni my new found love for being there always and to everyone who reads my blog both the ghost readers, I see you guys…

 To my sister, Sochima Milicent Asoegwu yes I had write it out in full hmmmm I am so speechless…  

I Love You So Much and you drive me crazy…

To my crazy adopted brothers Dayne, Jeff, and Pascal you guys are the best and I am so grateful to God for bringing you troublemakers into my life lol.. I really appreciate you all for believing so much in me.. 

God bless you all…

Have a good night rest… 


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