A Sister’s Love


Good morning lovelies. How was your night? Hope you all have a beautiful night rest.

My sister’s birthday was on September 24 and I wrote a poem for her but I couldn’t post it because I didn’t have a phone. So here is to my sister who means so much to me.

And words can’t describe how much I love and cherish her. 

This post is dedicated to her.

I find it very hard to express my feelings for someone very special to me but this has to be done.

Sochima  Millicent Asoegwu 



Years has passed!

Memories shared!

We Laughed!

We Cried!

We Prayed!

We Danced!

We Sang!

We Quarreled!

But at the end Love Conquered!

Life makes so much meaning with you.

Your strength is greater than that of 10,000 men together!

Your heart is like a temple that I love to reside in.

Your heart is Pure and Chaste!

I wish I could give you everything you ever wanted amd more than anything I want in this world is your Happiness!

I wish I could wipes away your tears and sooth your pain.

You are an unshakeable Warrior!

A Fighter!

All this put together makes you Immaculate!

Full of Grace!

Woman of Peace!

Full of Courage!

You quiet my soul  with your powerful words.

Only you have the power to unlock the Woman in me.

The tears  in my eyes shows the very depth of my undieing love for you.

If I was to come back to this world,  you will still  be my beloved sister but with a little twist because I will be the eldest and you will be my little sister so that I could hold you so tight in my arms and never let go.

I will kiss you as you go to bed.

I will sing and dance for you.

I will pray tirelessly for you to grow up to have the fear of God in you.

I will shower you with so much love and affection.

I will always be there for you, holding your hands and never letting go.

I will protect and defend you.

Today I celebrate you.

Thank you for being a friend

A counselor

A mediator 

All in one..

You really are a total package

And your smile is so contagious it takes my breath away and I am so proud of the woman you are turning out to be. A woman sold out to Christ and reaching out to the voiceless.

  • You carry so much power in you and at times I am often envious and just wish I could be you for a day.

God used you to restore peace to me and I am grateful you are a big part of my journey.

Happy Birthday to you…

Wishing you Long  Life  and. Prosperity…

May God shine His light so bright on you… 

For God is restoring back all the years you spent in tears..



From a sister who cares.


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