You Must Bring Yourself Into Worship!


Hello lovelies how are you doing today. Am fine thank you for asking so today I am happy to share something with you that has opened my eyes to see things in a different light and I pray that God will bring all things to your remembrance…

I heard this and wondered what it means for someone to bring himself or herself into worship.

God is calling us into the art of worship
He wants us to bring it all in worship
Where God reveals his glory to us
Where chains are broken
Where our purpose is revealed
Where the scar is washed away
And we are certain that we will make it through to the end
We need to realise that what we should be doing is more of worship than complaining or murmuring

If your bills haven’t being paid yet… Worship
If you just lost your job… Worship
If you just received a horrible report from your doctor… Worship
If you just had a terrible breakup… Worship

For it is only when you bear it all to God in worship can you be confident of a breakthrough.

Fixing your eyes on him and him only.

It could be very tempting to run for help to people who truly do not want your good.
It seems easier to run to your uncle who clearly does not care about you or your family.
What can you do?
You have to pay your school fees
You need to eat
You need to pay the house rent and the bills are pilling up…
So there seems to be no other way left than for you to go somewhere else where God is not present

I realise that when I truly worship God I see my future, I see things, I say things that are beyond human understanding
God calls us into the realm of worship so we could know him better… Not with what is written in the scriptures because I believe there is more to God than what is written in the Bible.
I read recently in the Bible where God said no one understands his thoughts.

Don’t you know? Haven’t you heard? The Lord is the everlasting God; he created all the world. He never grows tired or weary. No one understands his thoughts.
Isaiah 40:28

I was so dumbfounded when I stumbled upon that very scripture.
I had to really think deep about what the scriptures was saying…

Just like no one could understand me sometimes, no one can understand God. No one understands why he does what he does. No one understands why he lets evil things happen. No one understands why he lets good people die and evil people live.
Recently I heard in the news of a 4 year old girl who crossed to the other side of her street to joyfully greet her grandparents when she was knocked down by a car… She didn’t make it alive.
No one understands why God would allow such a thing happen, he could have prevented it from happening but he didn’t.

The thing is He is an unquestionable God, who does whatever he wants to do for a reason… So instead of whining and questioning God we need to get down on our knees with our head lifted up to him and worship…
God wants to settle a lot of things in our marital life, in our financial life and our relationships but we can only do that when we worship.
He wants us to understand him.
How do you feel when no body understands you?
I feel so empty and broken.
We have access to God through Jesus Christ. We are certain that he might not be there right on time but he his never late. He has it all figured out not according to our plans but then we must be willing to trust and depend on him for all that we need.

Worship is not just an art, it is not mathematics that if you have the formula you can arrive at the answer… Worship goes beyond statistics and beyond singing and dancing…
It is a thing of the Spirit and that’s it. It is a spiritual thing and you need to be transparent…
You see the reason why God is calling us to worship is because he wants to see our transparency, he wants to see that place where it hurts and he wants to mend it.

He has healed my diseases and bound up my wounds
Psalm 147:3

He wants to take you to a place where you would be at peace and you won’t get that if you are all covered up..

Total Surrender to God is what worship is.

I watched a movie yesterday “The Legend of Tarzan.” And a part in the movie caught my attention..
To survive death in the jungle you must show your weakest part to the Gorilla by kneeling down with your two hands lifted up and with so much sorrow and weakness. Only then would they let you be.

That act alone shows surrender. It simple says here I am Lord, naked and unashamed, tired, weary, desperate, weak, and hopeless, you are saying to God take me by my hand, I can’t do this without you for its you that I see and I in your love do I breathe… At this point you are gaining his attention…
And that was exactly what Jesus went through on the cross of Calvary…
He exposed all that was hidden in the open and brought it to light and by doing that he shamed the devil.

Jesus Christ in all his messages made one thing clear, he was saying so many things but he only meant one thing..
He seemed to be everywhere but in the real sense of it all he was in one place.
Every miracle, every message, every act of kindness leads to one thing and it’s       “TRANSPARENCY” that was Jesus only message to the whole world.

We don’t get what we want most times because we come covering up a lot of things, we come hiding things and trying to sound like the victim. We come with doubt. God wants us to lay down that baggage. He wants us to bear it all out. No need to cover anything up.
And that is why he says he does not see things as the world sees.

In your weakest moment is where God reveals himself…

So don’t be scared to tell him exactly how you feel. Don’t be frightened that you will be condemned because you lied or fornicated.

There is no condemnation now for those who live in union with Christ Jesus. For the law of the Spirit, which brings us life in union with Christ Jesus, has set me free from the law of sin and death.
Romans 8:1-2

God knows that it is very hard for us to show people how weak we are, we are all so powerful and confident on the outside but out heart is scared and void. We don’t want anyone to see our soft spot because we think we might be taken for granted, we dress it up to look pretty on the outside but that doesn’t work. Do you know hard it is to see a man break down in tears? That sight is heartbreaking but Jesus did all that so he could send across a message…


This week has been mind blowing. God showed himself evident in my life and words can not describe how much things he revealed to me.
He is always watching over you, so be rest assured that he will welcome you with open arms. You will feel love like never before. At that point nothing matters anymore, you are finding yourself in God wrapped in the splendour of his might.
No need to conceal the truth because Christ has concealed your sins by dieing on the Cross for you.
He did it to create a place of worship, a place of total surrender to God, a place of acceptance and repentance…

That is where God dwells…

I am currently reading No More Sheets by Dr. Juanita Bynum and I am just so speechless…


I never intended to write anything today but like I always say. As the Spirit leads. I don’t know who he wants to reach out to but whoever it is… God has something for you, don’t miss it.

So my exams is almost over, I have one paper left which I will be writing next week, so there is enough time to play a little and we call it a wrap.

Do have a great Saturday. God bless you..



7 thoughts on “You Must Bring Yourself Into Worship!

  1. Men do not understand women partly due to the fact that women act on God’s will while most men act on their own will. Even women don’t understand themselves because no one can understand God.

    So if you are called a fool by the world, know that it’s because you’re close to God and doing the right. Otherwise, we’d never have done a foolish thing.

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  2. Thanks. I met black people on WordPress and they feel better and I’ve learned to like them; they’re also very funny and amusing. I liked your statement that God never condemns who come to Him. Instead, He helps them out and comforts them. Commands our awe and deep respect.

    Liked by 1 person

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