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Hello guys long time no post right? I know but I am glad you all understand that I am studying for my exams which will be over soon.
I am currently studying for an exam I have tomorrow morning but I just feel I have to drop this and zoom out.
Would really love for you to share your thoughts on it.


I keep hearing this words in movies, quotes, songs and on TV and it just dawned on me that there is something wrong with it that just doesn’t seem right.


And my question is why do I need to let go of someone I claim to Love?

What then is love… I mean I think about this and I am reminded of the love of Christ on the cross of Calvary, how he never let go of the love burning so deep in his heart and even when we wrong Him by choosing to stay in sin He still doesn’t let go of us. His mercy and love is always there in time of trouble.

So then again what is the story behind letting go of someone you love?

I just hit 4,000 views and 200 awesome followers. God bless you all for your encouragement it really is overwhelming and words can’t describe what you all mean to be and how each one of you have shaped my life either by your comments, likes and your posts… Thank you a zillion times and I hope you are blessed by the daily verses I share with you every day.
I pray it serves as a source of strength and relieve when you are weak and leds you in your time of trouble and need.

Okay off I go… Kisses and have a good night rest.. God bless you

Love From Judith


6 thoughts on “Question of the Day!

  1. I believe it means we’re not holding anyone hostage to our love. We give them the choice to leave or to stay (just as Christ does) but we choose to love them whether they stay or go.

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  2. Love doesn’t insist on its own ways. I think the statement has many angles which are quite justifiable. eg if you love a lie( in an abusive relationship) let go cuz that is not love in the first place it is just a marred definition of feelings

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  3. True love is between soul mates, something the world has not seen for centuries. It’s between a man and the woman God created from his rib.

    That love is unselfish. Love comes first. Mercy comes next and sex comes last.

    Both love the other more than they love themselves.

    So if one sees his soul mate marrying someone else, he’ll truly and honestly wish her good luck.

    But like Jesus on the Cross, this love wins, eventually. It’s amazing.

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      1. You’re welcome. And let me add this. Our man-made, fake love is selfish and possesive. It feels like a burden after the first excitement. True love is forever. Your soul mate will be a stranger but a copy of you so he’ll like what you like and hate what you like without you telling him.

        It’ll be automatic and genuine because he’ll not be him but he’ll be you. He’ll always do what your heart desires and you’ll be doing the same. It’s very strange and subtle.

        But it wins and it’s good because it’s when you’ll unite, you’ll take all evil out from his heart and you two will become a building block of Kingdom of Heaven.

        That’s how the Kingdom of God will come — like a thief. Because no man wants good, we like evil. But it’s women who’ll win, without us, men, knowing. We’ll chase a woman but we’ll find heaven!

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