Gifted Hands! (Episode 1)

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to a new and exciting episode on the blog called “Gifted Hands”. We will feature various talented and crafted people on the blog probably once a month.
The idea is to encourage people out there to be empowered no matter how little it is you start…
Your work will definitely speak for you in the long run. Whatever you are passionate about do not hesitate to go all out to achieve it even if it doesn’t bring food on your table as long as it satisfies a need and makes you feel so fulfilled and happy.
There are a lot of things I wish I could have done when I was younger but then who says its too late to start late…

Today we will be featuring a beautiful, funny, smart and interesting lady who is so good at what she does and she happens to be my roommate ;)…
This interview was really fun and I hope you gain one or two things from it.

Don’t blink b’cos am just getting started


Isn’t she gorgeous!

Please introduce yourself

My name is Zita Anave Obende from Edo State, a final year student of Ambrose Alli University currently studying zoology and I am also a freelance makeup artist.

How did you start doing makeup?

I started makeup in 2013 during the 6months ASUU strike. Before then I had the flare and passion for it as I would always make my roommates up and the result was always encouraging.


Who convinced you to finally go into it professionally?

My elder sister convinced me to start/learn something since I wasn’t doing anything at home at that time. I am glad to have sticked to her advice.

Where do you see your brand in five years time?

In five years I see K’s Beauty Studio” everywhere. A place where you can get your makeup, hair and nails done all in one place. I would also love to own fish pond business.


What is your most happiest moment as a makeup artist?

For every makeup artist its when you do a makeover for your client and your client is very happy nothing compares to when your client gushes about your work.

What is your most embarrassing moment as a makeup artist?

laughs it was when I just started as a makeup artist and I had an issue with my makeup box which was broken so I had to put it in a nylon and I had a job in a studio laughs as I was working on my client a professional makeup artist walked into the studio with her very fancy makeup box, I felt like the ground should swallow me or I could just vanish into thin air. It was so embarrassing.


How do you start your day?

I wake up early in the morning say my prayers, go through my social account for updates and prepare for lectures.

What are you doing when you are not making people up?

If I am not making people up, I am in class, surfing the internet and chatting
with friends


What are the challenges you face?

Right now there are so many makeup artist everywhere and getting clients can be difficult but God has been faithful.

How do you cope with the competition?

God has been so faithful. You have to up your game and you need to have a very good customer base because from one client you can get two or more. Before when I started it was just contouring but now everything has changed so I try to be updated on what is happening around the makeup industry.


What do you want to be known for?

First as a makeup artist I want to be known for my unique, creative and flawless makeup looks and as a Christian I want to be known for the goodness that God has deposited in me and for the many lives I have touched.

What is your advice to upcoming makeup artist?

They should work very hard and be very creative, watch makeup videos to improve and just trust God.


Send a shout out to your fans and well wishers

To my fans, my well wishers, my clients and future clients, thank you very much for the love and support you have shown to me over the years. Thank you Jesus, He has been faithful and has always been my backbone.


How can we reach you

Instagram – zita_ksmakeover

Facebook – k’s makeover

Mobile Number/ Whatsapp – 08136186638

And it’s a wrap guys… Thanks alot for sticking through to the end of the interview. I really hope you learnt one or two things from this. Please kindly show your support.

Till my next post…

Love From Judith



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