I don’t know what to say right now…
I feel so confused and amazed at the same time. I mean how did all this happen. Your love, your patient, your support, it’s so mind blowing.
Thank you so much for every time you spend on this blog
Thank you for the likes
Thank you for the comments
Thank you for the nominations
Thank you for being a blessing to me
You all are the friends that I don’t have
You all mean a lot to me and I wish I could do something to show you how indebted I am to you for the love and support you have shown to me ever since I started this blog.

I don’t know what I do that please Him so much
He has been there for me in good and bad times
Even when I don’t feel up to it
Even when I know I don’t deserve all He is doing
His been my refuge and His being my strength
When I sail through the storms of life
He guides me through it all
He relives me of my pain and my sorrow
I have never seen no one like Him
That’s why I give Him the praise for He is worthy

My sister called me and said she was going through my blog and she was amazed at the many likes and comments she saw. I mean she was almost crying guys.

It’s has not been up to 4months and we have had more than 3000 views, 1000 likes and close to 200 followers.


It really isn’t about me because left for me I know can’t do nothing. I am not even capable of doing anything but it’s just all to the Glory of my Father who lives and reigns in us.
I don’t even have a laptop or anything and I do everything through my phone but then it’s not about how much you have but it’s more about doing something with the little that you have.
Don’t wait for that big break before you can do something as long as God has given you a go ahead you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

I pray that God will use this blog to touch lives and to bring souls to Him. And I also pray for every single person that reads my blog, may you be filled with the unquenchable light of God. You will be a burning fire for the Lord and all who comes close to you or even hears your name shall call you blessed… Amen!

Also thank you for the birthday wishes you made to my mom. I am so filled with joy right and I wish I can just carry each and every one of you… Lol
Thanks Lovelies and may God bless your beautiful souls. Amen


Love From Judith


8 thoughts on “Gratitude!

  1. you such a blessing to ur Generation,may God continue to increase u wisdom.
    may u b filled with inspiration that comes from d holy-spirit,u shall mount up high like d eagle,may God give u grace to finish well,u will not finish half-way,God’s light shall continue to shine on this blog,as u said it’s not about u,it’s all about him who gave u this beautiful gift,i pray he perfect all that he has started in ur life&also on ur blog,God is so great,faithful&awesome,have seen God faithfulness upon ur life&also on this blog,may he take u to places where u have never dreamt off,love u so much my Barbie,MUAH!!!!!.

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    1. This brought tears in my eyes… Thank you so much sis for loving me and all I do unconditionally… I love you so much with every breath in me. Without you I don’t know what my life would be. God bless you and everything that you do.
      It Will Surely End In Praise..


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