Why Cant You Be Normal Like Me?


Only that I am not normal….

Hello lovelies. How are we all doing?   Its another Motivational Monday and I really need to talk about something that has being bothering my mind for as long as I can remember.

Funny topic right?
But really I ask myself this question. I mean what is wrong with this world. Why can’t they be like me? (Have you ever asked yourself this question?)
This topic came up recently and I really need your contributions on this.

For those that don’t know me I am just in a world of my own and I do things so differently and its not something I got trained to do or something I am faking its just who I am.
Recently I made my hair which didn’t really go so well with a lot of people. The backlash I received was mind blowing and it all became more interesting. The problem they had with the hair was not that it wasn’t fine but it didn’t just sit well with what is in vague.


The hair I made!

I want to categorically focus more on a statement someone made about my hair.
So this lady thinks that I need to move with the trend and that my hair is just off (For real). I inquired more by asking her why I need to move with the trend and what is happening in the world.
She based her point on the ground that the economy and world is changing and I need to step up my game so I can meet up with it, so that I can be approached by men. There and then I rebuked her and said I refuse to change with the world, I refuse to follow trends that does not go in line with the woman I am meant to be just so I can be approved or liked.
I am not defined by my body structure but what defines me are the intangible things that my Almighty God put in me.
When He said I was beautifully and wonderfully made He wasn’t talking just about my physical attributes because He knows my physical appearance will not last long but only one thing stands and that thing is what makes a difference in my life.
The issue with this world is that we fail to see beyond the surface and we subject ourselves to what we see.

The more you look the less you see

I mean if the world wants to change I am not going to stop it from changing but I refuse to be conformed to the standards of this world. I refuse to be conformed to the ideologies of the world that if I can’t beat them then I should join them. And if you are not dressed in a particular way you are not meant to be listened to. I refuse to play along just to feel among.

My roommates called me all sorts of names which was so funny by the way and I especially liked one that they called me “Adaku” 😂
I don’t care about what anyone thinks about the kind of hair that I make or how I choose to dress as long as its appropriately decent and neat.

Sonext day I rocked my beautiful threaded hair to school and the stares was so noticeable, my course mates laughed at me, to think they tried to break me which off course didn’t work. Most of them wondered where I got my confidence from but then again it really isn’t about me or them.

It is just what it is.



Dare to be different in whatever way you can. It’s not about faking it so people can talk about how weird or  unique you are. Not by imitating anyone but learning to do what really works for you and sets you apart.

I told a friend that while going for lectures someone offered me a ride and her only response was: “With this your Adaku hair? And you sure the guy wasn’t blind or you didn’t charm him” And I am like here we go again now I see where all these is coming from.
So this really isn’t about my hair or anything but the fact that because I make the kind of hair I make no one can approach me or admire me and if they eventually do the person must be blind.

No Guts No Glory!!!

I am naturally a very stubborn specie(permit me to use the word) and I hate it when I am being told to do things differently from how I want it to be done because it doesn’t sit well with the society. Like I am some sort of robot that succumbs to every command without having a mind of its own.

“Don’t let anyone throw stones at you because of the way you are.”

I mean does the kind of hair I make determine my worth as a woman or my place in the society?
This is not a rant or a protest but on the contrary its just me trying to be me in a world that holds a different view from mine. There are a lot of people who are heavily chastised or looked down on because of the way they are.
Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation and how did you overcome it?


Step out of your home today with Godfident as your shield and don’t forget to put on a perfect smile.

Love From Judith


32 thoughts on “Why Cant You Be Normal Like Me?

  1. I often reiterate this point: we need more non conformist who will out-conform the present non-conformist. Whatever happens to acceptance is something I can’t still figure out. People are going to talk and tails are going to wag, just be yourself anyway. The reluctance of a stream to overcome a rock issue the reasons rivers are crook

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  2. Thank you for not conforming to a lost society. Please keep doing you!!! You are beautiful inside and out no matter what people say. I’ve been there more times than I care to count. Your beautiful spirit matters more than a beautiful appearance. You are such a strong woman and a strong human being. And, if people are uncomfortable with your choices to be different and not a robot, they are really uncomfortable with themselves. God bless you!

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  3. I once found a pair of shorts that I liked and I wore them. Many people advised me to stop wearing them as they were too hip but I’m glad it scared off many women.

    There’s one woman that God has created for me and she’s not gonna mind my hip shorts. I’m sure of that.

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  4. we are fearfully & wonderfully made by God,we should b conformed to this world’s image,what they think about us,we shud not try to please people just to make us accept us,what has God said about u?

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    1. Hmmmm… You just said it better. I believe we need to own our identity and not be ashamed of who we are because we carry in us something that is beyond our imaginations. Thanks alot love


  5. I just met you and I love you Judith! You have a beautiful Confident spirit that I admire so much. Whatever you do, do not stop being you! You are definitly a gem, as someone a lot of people should be more like.
    As far as boys/men goes, God got you!
    Why would a woman want a man that only likes her because of the hair that she chooses. That’s silly. When the time comes, the man that pursues you is the man that sees the divine woman that you are on the inside, who would gladly and proudly love and support your decisions with honor… Hair and clothes are trivial lol.

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    1. Wow! I didn’t see this coming… I feel like crying because I know I don’t deserve this words. I only strive to be a better person and it hasn’t been easy but I believe we all shall overcome… Jessica, God bless you abundantly and may He strengthen you in all that you do. I believe that together we can make a change in our community with God on our side.. I Love You Jessica

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      1. Awe dont cry girly! you are absolutely right, our goal is to be better than who we were yesterday, God knows our struggles, and our hearts. He WILL make a way.

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  6. Beautiful post.
    I can totally relate to this topic. Just yesterday I had a discussion with my mother about hair. She told me to do my hair for a wedding, because it was more appropriate. But how can God given hair be inappropriate for a wedding? I’ll let your confidence be an example for me.

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