Guest Post/ Undefined Meaning


Mama said “If you fall you should GET UP” But how can i when i ask for strength all I get is “SHUT UP”.. From the ones who make me feel like I’m making a noise! Saying “you are here to live life for yourself not for someone else!” Shocked!What i felt in place of my supposed to be Vibes! Disappointment was the Hives in place of Honey as i felt bitter like a bitter leaf..Broken was the home I felt I was destined to live. This was the example of a complicated feeling in my head in a simple look… 
As I was confused to understand God!

I have been alone and that’s how I knew my true friends! I have been lost and that’s how I got found in God’s love! I have  scars and that’s how I remember my past! A reminder never to do what don’t last! We all want to see our phone get to 100% so fast forgetting how slow we don’t know how fast it reduces! My past tried to shrink me but i added more value to myself that’s how i reduced His.

It’s funny how we want to be number one but don’t want to be the first to start something new! So many people doing what others are good at but how many are doing what they are good at?

Few Dreams are living life like poets do! Always specific to be theorized! You see achieving your dreams without God is the theoretical observation of the impossible! Its like constructing a broom in shape of charger connected to a power socket to charge your phone, it doesn’t make sense but it’s possible for nonsense and that ain’t God! I know life is unpredictable i mean that’s why these bike riders put on helmet to make sure that their life in that moment is indestructible. Listen! We are never going to die and that’s the lie cause the truth is we ain’t scared of death but we scared of the pain we go through as we die! Cause we all know death is the end of Hell and the beginning of Paradise which is Heaven but we don’t understand it. Cause its just too good to be true like my girl!

I used to be scared of death but now she’s scared of me cause no one wants to meet God! They say the world is coming to an end! Yes! The world has come to an end! Our pain! Our lost! Regrets! Betrayals! Misunderstanding! Feelings that was outstanding! Lullabies from fear that made us burst into tears! Things of hell!Yes! They’ve come to an end! Cause they are things of the world not heaven! You waiting for the Apocalypse? Stop waiting! Cause the moment you start loving Him! I mean real love then it means the second coming is in your life! I know sometimes you get scared of God! Well! I don’t blame the deeper life cause they read the holy book like me reading a novel outta my mom’s anger! I just want to read and satisfy her taste not mine. Which is selfish but God doesn’t sell fish cause my blessings don’t stink like fish!   And if it doesn’t make sense and ain’t easy for you to live with then it ain’t God. No word to describe God! True!

But there’s a quote to explain Him which is ” God is too big for us to understand Him so small that’s why you get big problems so they can look small in the end and that’s God speaking in your head! I know you might be a bit confused cause it came to you like an electric shock! You never expected it but listen ” I’m all about the ocean stuff! Deep as God’s love! hmph Haven’t heard Him speak tho but what we been thru in life is deep and that’s God speaking! Peace

By NuelStunna


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