That I May Know Him!


He takes that which is of no account and makes of it something significant.
He takes that which is despised and rejected and makes it accepted.
He takes that which is discarded as worthless and makes it His own special treasure.
He takes that which is disgusting and makes it beautiful.
He takes that which is naked and clothes it with glory.
He takes that which is desolate and destitute and lavishes incredible riches upon it.
He intervenes in a situation of death and says “LIVE!”

For when I was born, no one cut my umbilical cord or washed me or rubbed me with salt or wrapped me in clothes.
No one took enough pity on me to do any of these things for me.
When I was born no one loved me
I was thrown out in an open field
Then He passed by and saw me squirming in my own blood.
I was covered with blood but He wouldn’t let me die.
He made me grow like a healthy plant.
I grew strong and tall and became a young woman.
My breasts were well formed
And my hair had grown but I was still naked.
As He passed by again He saw that the time had come for me to fall in love.
He covered my naked body with His coat and promised to love me.
He made a marriage covenant with me and I became His.
Then He took water and washed the blood off me.
He rubbed olive oil on my skin
He dressed me in embroidered gowns and gave me shoes of the best leather.
A linen headband and a silk cloak
He put jewels on me – bracelets and necklaces.
He gave me a nose ring and earrings and a beautiful crown to wear.
I had ornaments of gold and silver and I always wore clothes of embroidered linen and silk.
I ate bread made from the best flour and had honey and olive oil to eat.
My beauty was dazzling and I became a queen.
I became famous in every nation for my perfect beauty because He was the one who made me so lovely.

Him that looked beyond my scars and mistakes and took me into His arms.
Him that defended me and fought for my salvation.
Him who created everything out of nothing.



9 thoughts on “That I May Know Him!

  1. I have come to this destination over and over again to revisit these words. Your words speak through to my heart like a coded language of love who’s origin is God. It’s more than amazing. I can formulate a depiction in my mind showing the essence of Devine Love. You should read this to a painter. Be not deceive, these are not my words – they came directly from my heart. God bless you and your gifts and may your passions prosper always.

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    1. I am so overwhelmed… God is indeed so faithful… It really is not about me because I know I am nothing… I owe it all to God.. Thank you very much Leo for your encouraging words I feel so connected to your words more…

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