Guest Post/The Essential Truth, Part 1


A word is enough for the wise, they say. But sometimes more is needed, because the information affecting our everyday lives is more dense than we think. Sadly, a lot of people read and observe but do not deduce or draw the critical information but take things at face value. Accepting the surface and never bothering to do more to learn more.
The Bible is an excellent example of a severely misunderstood book. There are various views on how to properly interpret the Bible.
The Conservative side says it is all to be taken at face value. To quote Apostle Paul in 2Timothy 3:16

“All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.”

This gives them the belief that everything was meant to be taken literally.

The Liberal side says there are parts of the Bible that are allegorical and are meant to be a guide and not taken as a literal truth.
I personally fall on the liberal side of things. I see the Bible as a divine truth but it should not always be taken literally. I don’t subscribe to the belief that everything in the Bible can be used to judge the present generation.
Things have changed but the ‘essential’ truth in the Bible remain and these are the ones that transcend time.
We see people fussing over a rule in Leviticus while being guilty of several others. Picking what rules to follow as it suits them.

In conclusion, I believe the Bible is the truth but the interpretation is tricky. We all have a lot to learn. Following the golden rule “Love Your Neighbour’ is the first step to harmonious living not describing how hot hell is.
The true gifts of God on this Earth are love, peace and joy.
Seek God and you shall find these things.

Till the next time, live long and prosper…

Written by a good friend who is a Super Talented Rapper, Song Writer and a Poet Andrew Walter

Thanks alot guys for reading and have a blissful night rest.

Happy New Month!!!


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