My Father Has Given Me All Things


Hold on this words
And never let go of it
Write it on every part of your body
On your lips and beneath your hips
Let it swing swiftly as you walk through this path
Let your heart rejoice
For the words that I speak to you
They are of Spirit and they bring life
To broken body parts
This words heal
From your soul it radiates peace
And it nourishes the mind
Hold on to His promises
And never trade it for anything in this world
For He Has made a promise
And this promise will bring fulfillment to you when you least expect it
So there again write this words in your heart
Lock it and throw away the keys

The only person I feel safe in his arms is God Almighty
And today I don’t want to do anything but just lay at His feet
I don’t care if my fridge is empty
I don’t care if I have nothing to eat today
Basking in your presence has taught me to patient
Don’t you get it
His words satisfy me
It modifies me
It liberates and makes me deaf to the yearnings of the flesh

Don’t blame me when I sound this way
As I recall the horrible mistakes I made in the past
And how I felt cut off
With nowhere to run to
My soul is at rest
My heart is at peace
Like a circle I keep running only to arrive at the same place I started
Things are not right yet
I haven’t gotten the perfect job
I haven’t gotten the perfect house
I want to be everywhere but I need to start from here
Where I stand is where I need to begin
And I can only pray you would hold me tight till the very end
Right now I feel the tears in my eyes
As it drops on your feet I see your loving gaze
Because I feel so all alone
And I am so cold

I will be fine
But in all my dismay I only remember just one thing
Beyond the disapproval and the disappointments
Beyond the expectations
One thing stands amongst the millions that fell

My Father has given me all things

Now I can go back to sleep
Rest assured that you will watch over my sleepy head.
This word I will hold on to till the end of time as await you on the other side.


Love From Judith


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