Question For The Day!

So I have been having this questions in my mind and I feel I should bring it up here to hear your individual thoughts on it.

Are human desires and passion for the opposite sex from God or the Devil?

Who put these desires in us and why is it a sin?


Love From Judith


14 thoughts on “Question For The Day!

  1. The desire for the opposite sex is from God. God expect us or better still has given us the wisdom to take charge of such desire but the devil tries to tell us otherwise and wish we become servants to our desire which is a sin.
    How’re you doing?

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  2. Good questions. I believe since God is spirit, he put love and desire in us according to his wisdom. However, human beings allow the body to take control of us instead of allowing the spirit to guide us. So, I don’t see it as sinful to have desire.

    BTW! I was nominated to participate in a quote blog. And I, in return, am supposed to nominate 3 ppl. I nominated you. I hope you don’t mind. 😊 Here’s the link. Follow the instructions.

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  3. Well…God is a spiritual Being and when He created this world He made it for man therefore putting him in charge of everything.
    If any Spitual being wants to operate on earth that Spirit needs the body and support of man to be able to exist in this realm.
    So man is the only Creature with the legal right and authority in this land.
    So my point is the Spirit of God and that of the evil need a body to be able to act on this earth.
    For God to use You as a vessel of honor unto Him,you must be clean,empty,willing and available.
    Remember that when God created us He examined us realize we He has created was excellent.
    But because of man is always selfish when it comes to himself, always wanting more and never getting satisfied the devil finds the smallest holes in us and work things exactly at where we won’t them just to gain our attention…the more you yield to the evil spirit, the more he fills you for his evil works.

    So I would say that whatever God placed in us is perfect but it is our selfish desires that lead us to sin.


  4. It is not sin to have desires… however, it becomes sin when those desires controls you as opposed to the other way around. More so, when it drives a person to behaviours that are detrimental to their very soul…

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  5. Well I believe the only with the creative power is God.
    What the devil does is to misconstrue what God has done. This is not surprising because he is a liar so God creates sexual desires the devil morphs it into lust and other appalling manipulations in the minds of those who let him.

    This is my opinion.
    I hope it helps

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  6. They’re not sins. Permit me to liken it to animal instincts and mating; it’s a natural course for one to desire the opposite sex, either for company or reproduction.
    However, when we let it ruin us by controlling our everyday thoughts and actions, it becomes a thing of concern. This in-built passion also, in it’s purest feat can only be from God and it’s been there since the time of Adam!


  7. I don’t believe it is sin. God made Adam & Eve told them go be fruitful and multiple. So he had intentions on us wanting the opposite sex. I feel just like everything else there are rules, which need to be followed and that is where the sin comes in.

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  8. Great question. If you read all Bible verses related to this, they don’t add up. For example, Jesus Christ puts a harsh condition on divorce, which few people seem able to comply with.

    The reason is that we all have married strange flesh and failed to believe the good news of Adam & Eve. That story is not a myth.

    For each of us, God creates a woman from our rib. We should only desire her. All others are strange flesh.

    Once we’ll see her, we’ll never wish for anyone else. We’ll never even think of divorce nor need it. God invented divorce to solve the problems resulting from fornicative bonds.

    Plants were created before animals so that animals will be able to survive. Likewise, God created Adam first so that Eve will have her protector when she comes. When she came, Adam had Eden already dressed for her.

    This world belongs to women & children, not men. But we’ve rebelled.

    My blog is mainly about this very question.

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