The Thing In Me!


When I heard this word it rang in my ears and like a magnet connecting me to something great, something supreme that I would later come to realize that there is message imbibed in this words.
As I type this I have no idea where I am getting to with this but I believe there is something to be learnt from this.

What determines the heart of a man?
Is it the by the things he acquires or by what he inquires into?

The thing in me can be traced down to the woman I was born to be and there it goes down to me becoming wired to what I was designed for.
And in the long run constantly checking within my self if I am getting things right.
We all possess something in us that only us can come to relate with. Our gifts and talents differs but they all serve the same purpose.
The thing in me is what differentiates me from the beautiful lady sitting besides me. It is what makes me think differently from the guy sitting in my front.
I wish I could put a hold to what it is, I wish I can touch it for there are a lot of things racing through my mind.
This thing in me can be stretched to fulfill its greatest potential but it can also be limited. Most of us carry mighty things in us but then again that thing in us is what I feel we haven’t come to realize because we have failed to accept what is within us.

I would often wonder why people act the way they do and why there are a lot of perspective to an issue.
Why cant everybody just be one?
Why cant we think alike and act alike?
The answer is quite obvious.

There is something at work in me
There is something at work in you
There is something that sets you apart from your friends and colleagues
There is something within me that no one has
And there is something within you that I don’t have.
And all these is what makes me.
That I am different in my own way
And you are different in your own way
This explains why people react to things in a way different than ours
And we think they are crazy just because they have a different thinking as opposed to ours.
This thing in me determines how far I will go in accomplishing my dreams
For the measure I put in activating it to live its fullest potential is what it gives right back to me.

The Thing In Me is what I call


It is what connects us to the creator
Indeed that is what we call Him
For His love is all encompassing reaching beyond borders..

The substance of things hoped for, the evidence not seen.
It is the level of faith you have inside of you that determines your approach towards life problems.
And that faith can be nurtured
It can be pruned and fueled to reveal to you the beauty that has been sitting idle in you.

Faith is what binds us to the Father
Faith is what identifies us as Christians
Faith is what breaks chains
Faith radiates glory and honour
It brings beauty and splendour
All this is at work in you.

Abraham’s radical faith in God won God’s heart. He didn’t have a lot of principles or possess all the Spiritual gifts to earn that.

While you have tried everything in your Spiritual journey with God have you tried FAITH?

Jesus had this to say to Martha:

“Martha, Martha! You are worried and troubled over so many things, but just one is needed.”  Luke 10:41

Only One Thing Is Needed!

Maybe all you need to do today to win God’s heart is to walk in FAITH.
It is a journey that comes with its ups and down but it never leaves you on the ground.

It can be stretched and at the same time be limited.

It is all in your court for if Jesus Christ can say:

If only you have Faith as tiny as that of a mustard seed you can tell that difficult situation to cease…
You can move mountains…
You can come tops in your academics
You can rise above that sickness
You can You can You can

If Jesus can then darling you sure can…

Does that sound unachievable?

Take a leap of FAITH today and watch as your life transforms into a fairy tale

Let’s do this

You turn..
What Is The Thing in You?

Have a Faith Filled Week

Love From Judith


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