Guest Post / Poem


A man prayed for Spiritual power and anointing.

He bought several books on how to work in the supernatural

And how to flow with the Holy Spirit

But all to no avail.

He then went on to dry fasting.

Then one day he prayed that God should reveal to him the secret of the barriers to why Heaven had refused to use him.

It was then that God opened his eyes to see an angel that came to hand him a report card of how well he has being doing.

Below were his scores

Gentleness 1%

Anger 5%

Unholy Conversation 50%

Self Control 1%

Sexual Sins 100%

Patience 1%

Pride 95%

Holiness 1%

Evangelism 0.1%

Negative Thoughts 80%

Love for approval 100%

Doubt 80%

Love 5%

Faith 3%

At the bottom of the card was written “Seriously Below Standard”

What if it were you what would your report card be like?

“Examine Yourself If Ye Be In Faith”

By Pamela Amadin


7 thoughts on “Guest Post / Poem

  1. I’m sorry but I have to disagree somewhat with this post. anybody can correct me if I am wrong. I’m open to criticism of my comment

    While there are certain requirements that God required of us for certain level of spiritual blessing or power. God doesn’t expect us to be perfect. I’m saying this with all sense of humility that anybody should look through the bible and point a certain bible figure who God uses that was perfect.
    That’s where the issue of grace comes in. I knew few men of God who had faulty character flaws and yet still use mightily by God.

    While I deem this pieçe faulty is the line of perfection that it tends to portray as criteria to receive from God

    I believe one of the criteria for spiritual power is obedience and meekness.


  2. Thanks alot for your take on this. I feel we all as Christians want to used by God but we miss it most times, we rely on books or fasting and speaking in tongues to be Spiritually filled but that is were we miss it, it is much more than that. It has to do with your innner mind, what goes into our hearts means alot. You can’t have hatred in your heart or pride and expect to be used by God. The Scripture makes us to understand that we can have the gift of speaking in tongues or the gift of healing but if you don’t have love in your heart it is nothing.
    The poem was written to check ourselves inwardly because there are times we ask God for something but it is not forthcoming and we wonder why?
    Perfection is only but a word but God wants us to be righteous in Spirit and in our character. I believe this poem wasn’t written for unbelievers but for we Christians.
    I advise you read through it again because when I first read it and I was quite skeptical but then I read it again and again and I my eyes was open.


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