Fun Fact #1


I saw this on my facebook page and I decided to share it on the blog.
The idea behind this is to get to know readers beyond the likes and comments.

I hope you will find this fun and please don’t read this without dropping a comment… Kapish!!!

Answer: Weird thing about me is I talk to myself on the road and virtually everywhere I go.

Your turn… This should be fun

We could do this every Saturday.. Let me know what you think.

God bless you all and do have a blast.

P. S Don’t forget to wear a smile today.


Love From Judith


25 thoughts on “Fun Fact #1

  1. I walk around the house for an hour doing absolutely nothing when am bored,just walking around entering every room over and over again.


  2. I have OCD for other people. I’ll organize your stuffs maybe chronologically or alphabetically, delete repeated pics from your phone,make your schedule for you to save the tiniest or largest time… I’ll just be uneasy around you if I can do any of these and you don’t let me. But for myself, I’m just about the laziest person you’ll meet


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