ABIGAIL! Day (4)


Today’s Reading: 1 Samuel 25:2-42
When Abigail saw David, she quickly dismounted and threw herself on the ground, at David’s feet, and said to him, “Please, Sir, listen to me! Let me take the blame…

The marriage of Abigail and Nabal was not one which we would describe as having been ‘made in heaven.’ She was intelligent, beautiful, hospitable, and humble. He was surly, mean, arrogant, selfish and wicked man. ‘Yet, as far as we can tell, Abigail made this marriage work. She was able, in very short order, to supply generous provisions from her storehouse and, when the need arose, she was able to take independent action.
Years of living with a man whom she described as being like his name, ‘Fool’, had not made her bitter or caused her to seek revenge. When she went to meet David she could very well have sought his protection and allowed him to carry out his plan to attack her husband. Instead, with the wisest of words, she asked David to spare Nabal and at the same time, keep his own reputation intact. This same wisdom was evident in her approach to Nabal when she returned home. She neither goaded him for his selfishness nor did she boast about her own efforts on his behalf.
Abigail models for us loving consistency, generosity, quiet humility, and the willingness to make the best of a difficult situation and leave the end result to God. The Lord honoured Abigail and He continues to honour those who are faithful to Him. He does not promise to deliver us in the same way that He delivered Abigail, but He does promise his continued presence and grace sufficient for our every need.

Lessons Learnt
* A good and sincere deed/act can never go unrewarded.
Abigail displayed a rarity that is really lacking amongst women of this age and time.

Proverbs 4:7
Wisdom is the principle thing and in all thy getting get wisdom and in all thy getting get understanding…

Proverbs 2:9-12
If you listen to me, you will know what is right, just and fair. You will know what you should do. 10 You will become wise, and your knowledge will give you pleasure 11 Your insight and understanding will protect you 12 and prevent you from doing the wrong thing. They will keep you away from people who stir up trouble by what they say…

All these attributes are glaring in the life of Abigail. She was “A Woman With A Difference.” An independent woman, with profound love for her household.
She acted just like a hen who shields her chicks from the harshness of the weather, come rain come shine.
We need to take a cue from her personality and dedication and loyalty to her husband which can be applied to our relationships and marriage.

Thanks a lot for reading this post and for following me on this journey of  Women of Worth, Bible Study. Your contributions are very much need.

  • A podcast on Abigail will be coming up hopefully before the end of the day and I pray you remained blessed by it.

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