WOW! Bible Study, Potiphar’s Wife (Day 3)


Today’s Reading (Genesis 39:5-20)
Joseph was well built and good looking, and after a while his master’s wife began to desire Joseph and asked him to go to bed with her.

The story of seduction is old as time itself. The serpent seduced Eve in the garden with a lie and ever since human beings have sought to perfect the art of obtaining something they want which they know in their hearts they shouldn’t have.
Potiphar’s wife sought a sexual liaison with Joseph, her husband’s Hebrew slave. When he rebuffed her a second time she turned on him, accusing him of rape. Her husband had the young man thrown into prison even though, in circumstances, he may well had him executed.

We need to be fully aware of the consequences of our actions. God has set limits that we have no right to go beyond. One of these is becoming emotionally or physically involved in wrong relationship. They only lead to heartache and trouble for both parties. We also need to realise that we have no right to seek to draw another person into our sin, much less accuse them unjustly when they refuse to comply.
We are not told what happened to Potiphar’s wife but the fact that her husband didn’t demand the full extent of the law perhaps tells us that he didn’t really believe her story. We are not told what happened to Potiphar’s household once Joseph left. What we do know is, that in this whole sorry mess, it is the uprightness of a Hebrew slave who wanted to obey his God that stands out clearly and shines brightly…

  • Lessons Learnt

Ephesians 5:5
“You maybe sure that no one who is immoral, indecent, or greedy will ever receive a share in the Kingdom of Christ and of God.”

  • We all want to be loved and admired by the person we feel has some qualities that we admire but what happens when that person does not fit into God’s divine plan for you? Do you take matters into your own hands and chase after that person even after that person has clearly shown no signs of affection for you.
    What do you do during the waiting period? Our hearts and mind has to be set right towards fulfilling God’s original plan for us and we must not deviate from the truth.

Let me let you into a personal story.
I used to have a friend whom I truly liked a lot but I kept it a secret. I truly desired this guy for as long as I can remember and at a point he also had some sort of feelings for me but for no reason I would always push him away when he wanted to come closer. And after a while he started withdrawing from me and it freaked me out. I was very young then but I wanted this guy so much, he just has got to be mine and what did I do? I had to put it prayers, telling God how much I liked the guy and that He should give me a sign that he would be my husband. Funny enough God gave me all the signs He could give to me but I was blinded by my own desires for this guy that I totally ignored what God was telling me. It was so difficult to let go, I was depressed for as long as I could remember and every time I would always compare this guy with any guy I met. But mind you this guy never knew how much I wanted him, and when I noticed he had eyes for someone else, I just knew it was not meant to be.

What is yours is yours and no one can ever take what belongs to you.

We need to be patient and be able to put our desires on check so we don’t fall pry of the tricks of the enemy. It wasn’t easy for me but with God on my side I had to let go. I didn’t let the devil take advantage of my situation by forcing myself on him. I just had to die in silence which for me was better than anything the devil had to offer.
I have learnt alot from my experience and I am super glad I came out of it stronger and better.

Hope you learnt something from this, please loves share your contributions and experiences so we all can learn from them.

Happy New Month. May God shine His light on us. Amen.
God bless you lovelies and have a great day ahead.


Love From Judith.


10 thoughts on “WOW! Bible Study, Potiphar’s Wife (Day 3)

  1. You are lovely.

    I love the life of Joseph. He along with David are my biblical mentors. I have gained so much hope, faith and strength from these two men of God.

    Good things never happen when you stray from the will of God. Unfortunately I’ve had to learn this lesson the hard way-especially in terms of relationships!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I believe this is what happened.

    Joseph had exceptional administrative skills and God was with him.

    When his fame passed his master’s reputation, Potiphar became jealous and got worried (similar to David and Saul.) His wife arranged a trap Joseph couldn’t escape.

    They threw him in prison to be crucified. His success & devotion became a curse.

    But his shirt was torn from behind. The warden found it hard to believe that a man was sexually harassed by a woman but the jealousy…

    The jealousy explained it. His shirt torn from behind was the evidence.

    Potiphar’s wife was not sexually interested in Joseph; it was a trap.

    And God let Potiphar’s worst fears come true. Joseph indeed beacame viceroy/prime pinister of Egypt despite all the conspiracies.

    But he never sought revenge. That’s one great lesson of that most-amazing story.


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