Rizpah! (Day 1)


2 Samuel 21:8-14 (Today’s reading)
10Then Saul’s concubine Rizpah, the daughter of Aiah, used sackcloth to make a shelter for herself on the rock where the corpses were, and she stayed there from the beginning of harvest until the autumn rains came. During the day she would keep the birds away from the corpses, and at night she would protect them from wild animals.

We can but imagine what went through Rizpah’s mind as she watched the death of her two sons for a crime that their father had committed. The custom of her people demanded that someone be punished but her mother’s heart must surely have cried out, “Why my sons?” And then to have their bodies simply thrown out into the open was more than she could bear. So she took sackcloth, spread it out upon a rock nearby, and sat day and night, watching over them lest they be torn apart by birds and animals. Nothing would dissuade her – neither heavy rain nor burning sun. She could not bring them back but this at least could do.
Even in her grief, Rizpah must have understood the wretched tie there is between sin and death.

In our world today we watch on our TV screens the shocking results of sin as people die senselessly, simply because they happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time; or their skin is the wrong colour; or they come from the wrong strata of society; or the wrong religious group. As a flooded river winds its way inexorably to the sea, so sin spreads its evil in every society.

Finally King David noticed what she was doing and her sons were decently buried. Her persistence and love had won out. Her faithfulness was rewarded.

Lessons Learnt:
* God asks us to be faithful through every difficulty and leave the results to him. He knows our every need and will provide in his own time.

  • When you really need something from God, we must be fully prepared to isolate ourselves from the distractions and activities of the world and put our focus on Him and what He is teaching us at the point in time.

“God takes us through deep waters not to drain us but to cleanse us”

I see a warrior in Rizpah who was willing to go through the highest form of discomfort just to get her request heard. She didn’t mind what her friends would say to her, she didn’t mind the pain but was counting on the gain, she didn’t give ears to what passersby would say, on the contrary she had a mission and its either she gets what she was asking for or she dies trying but at the end of the day her persistence prevailed, her tears faded and atlas smile returned.
Mission accomplished!

God plays that role in our lives. He is always up all day, fighting our battles, making every crooked road straight. During the day God keeps us far away from harm, He keeps us safe from the attacks of the enemies. And at night while we are busy snoring and turning with nothing to worry about, He is up all night to protect us from wild animals, from death, from Spiritual afflictions.
And how do we know He does all that for us?
Well it is evident when we wake up every morning and go back to bed at night.

God is working in ways we cannot see, we are busy focusing on the material things we don’t have and forgetting how hard He is working on our inside and how He is helping us build our treasures in Heaven. He sees it all and He has promised us that Heaven and Earth will fade away but His word remains the same.

Thanks for reading this post and I hope you are blessed by it.

How does the story of Rizpah relate to you in this modern world?
Please Loves share you thoughts and your contributions.

Have a great week guys and don’t forget to join me tomorrow for our “WOW” Bible Study.


15 thoughts on “Rizpah! (Day 1)

  1. wow! never noticed that story.

    perseverance always pays couple with faith. Heb 6: 12 talks about the fact we should not be slothful but be followers of those who through faith and patient inherit the promises. in this current dispensation of fast spaced high technology where everybody want solutions in an instances. the art of patience has been lost. This woman was arduously doing all she can until her efforts were noticed and rewarded.

    thanks for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I have read some of your posts which are similar in spirit and style. In the spirit there is no distance, so since we share the same spiritual father that will account for having that sense of knowing.

        Liked by 1 person

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