Hebrew 13:15
Let us, then always offer praise to God as our sacrifices through Jesus, which is the offering presented by lips that confess him as Lord.

When your life takes a u-turn what do you do?

When you are faced with persecutions what do you do?

When you are betrayed by the ones you trust what do you do?

When there is no money in your pocket what do you do?

When your grades in school are dropping drastically what do you do?

Do you…

Complain? Play the blame game?

It seems safe and normal to vent our anger when things are not going as planned.
It seems okay to be frustrated, bitter and angry about it.
We are humans right, well I guess that is what you would say.

But let us take a cue from Jesus.

At the night he was betrayed he took the bread and and gave thanks to God.

How many of us Christians can actually do that?

When you are hurt, betrayed and in pain who do you run to, who do you go to?

Jesus displayed a very rare trait that we struggle so hard with.

Isaiah 29:13
The Lord said: “These people claim to worship me, but their words are meaningless, and their hearts are somewhere else. Their religion is nothing but human rules and traditions, which they have simply memorized.

Our hearts and minds should never be far away from the ultimate truth. God desires a sacrifice that is filled with praise, a sacrifice that glorifies His name, a sacrifice pure and holy, without human approval, without confusion but bearing in mind that all good things come from God and the only way we can inherit that is by speaking the only language that God understands.

He is not interested in big and eloquent grammars but He looks at the intent of your heart, He looks beyond our fancy clothes and our pretty makeup and hairstyles. He searches deep into the hearts of men to unravel those that truly trust and obey His commands. Let us develop the habit of total praise and submission to God in that difficult situation we find ourselves in.
Turn your gaze to God because that is where your hope lies for God never lies and everything you go through in this life is only preparing you for the bigger picture.

Psalm 135:2
The Lord is good; he protected his people in times of trouble, he takes care of those who turn to him.

Thank you for reading this post.

*I was led to start a Bible Study on the women in the Bible which will last for 14days.
I promise you will learn a lot from it no doubt.

A special thanks goes to my old and new subscribers, visitors and all those who take out time to read my blog. God bless you all a thousand folds.

We hit 1000+ views… God is indeed faithful…. Words just cant describe how grateful I am to everyone that drops a comment, likes, and share my post. Thanks alot lovelies and have a great week ahead.


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