Vital Stats
Nicknames: Barbie

Best friend: My sister is my one and only friend. I just cant imagine life without her. She is the most amazing person on planet earth. You are free to sue me in court if you doubt me.
Concert: It was a musical concert that was organized by my mother Parish. I love musical concerts a lot .. Those beautiful voices are something to look forward to.

Films: I have watched a lot of movies and it is quite hard for me to pick but the one that stands out amongst thousands of movie I have watched and will ever watch will be ‘FireProof’…
Tv Shows: I am not really a TV person, I cant even remember anyone I have watched so I will pass.
Colour: It has got to be Black and Brown, anyday, anytime.
Restaurant: Sweet Sensation.
Books: This one will be very difficult because I have read a lot of books but I love inspirational books.

Feeling: Hungry
Single or taken: It deepens on who is asking.
Eating: Nothing
Wearing: A body con gown in ash
Watching: A musical concert in my church.

Want Children: Absolutely yes. I want to have 6 kids of my own and adopt 4 so altogether I want to have 10 kids of my own. I want kids all over my house.
Want to get married: Big Yes to that.
Careers in mind: Motivational Speaker, Author, Life Coach, OAP, Business Consultant that will do for now.

Where do I live: In a house off course where are human beings supposed to live?

Do you believe in God: Yes I do
Miracle: My life is a constant miracle so yes I do believe in miracles.

Love at first sight: Yes, but to an extent. When God created Eve, Adam saw her and immediately declared his love for her as the bone of his and flesh of his flesh. And just as a mother falls completely in love with her child when she gives birth to her child, and just as God created we humans and proclaimed that we were good. So on those terms I do believe in love at first sight.
Ghosts: No.
Heaven: My number one home, what do you expect.
Hell: Yes
Kissing on first date: Never
Yourself: I believe in myself without any restrictions

So that is it guys.. I really had fun doing this and I hope you enjoyed this post.
Again thanks to Emmanuel of for nominating me on the Get to know me tag.

Have a great weekend loves.


18 thoughts on “GET TO KNOW ME!

  1. I liked your response on love at first sight…I am a very big advocate of “no such thing as love at first sight’ but then you talked about the way parents fall in love with their children when they see them for the first time, some parents even love their children before they are even born, and also how God loves us from like our mom’s womb or even before that and I am like okay maybe I really should reconsider my stand lol…thanks for sharing xoxoxoxoxo

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