Letter To My Future Children


Dear Children,

I haven’t even started writing anything but I am already filled with tears in my eyes. Mommy is such a cry baby
Words can not describe how much of a blessing you are to me. You gave me life and your love made me whole. Your smiles are what I look forward to every single day because it revives my soul.When I was much younger I would dream of you, think of you and I lived for you, every thought of your beautiful and innocent face has left a mark in my heart that nothing can ever erase.
My precious little ones, My sunshine, My everything what an inspiration you are to me and everyone you come across with. You teach me everyday how to be a great wife, and a better mother but most of all you taught me how to embrace my self, you taught me how smile, how to cry, how to play and you taught me how to trust and truly love like I have never loved. You are brave just like daddy and sweet like mommy, you are a replica of divine beauty and every time I look into your eyes I see a bright and blissful future all lined up for you. I don’t know how to love you better and I wonder if I am doing a good job at it. Even when I dont feel up to it you never give up on me. You make me feel so special and that makes me want to keep going strong.
I really don’t know what else to say to you. I feel so speechless though there are a thousand and one things I want to say to you. I want you to know that I am very proud of you and all that you stand for, I believe in your dreams and all that you have hidden in your heart. My love for you knows no bounds but God’s love for you breaks every boundaries so hold on to His love because even when mommy wont be there He will always make it right on time. Wow, I cant believe I have you, baby this words are not coming out right but I don’t care because I can feel it so deep in my heart when I bore you, you revived a dead piece of me that I never imagined existed. I couldn’t stop staring at you as you suckled my breast and at night, I wouldn’t even close my eyes because I didn’t want anything to harm you. Every moment we ever spent together made me feel like a baby again.
I gave you life when I bore you into this world but it was actually you who gave me life, it was you who tore up every darkness and revealed in me true light. It was you who broke every chains and freed me from the shackles of death. It was you who opened my eyes to see myself the way God sees me. It was you who made me strong.
So thank you for everything, the good and the bad. Thank you for your smiles. Thank you for the pureness in your eyes. Thank you for being a good teacher to a stubborn student like me, you taught me with care and understanding. Thank you for choosing me to be your mother and most of all thank you for always being you and even when the world tries to tear us apart we will always stand strong, unshaken by the words they say. You are my Warrior My King My Queen and I crown you with words of love as I sing your favourite songs..
You will always be my best friend and for that I will defend I will fight and break every walls just to make sure you stay happy.
I pray that you attain every height that God has prepared for you.
All I have been trying to say to you since morning can only be summarized into this three powerful letter words. I LOVE YOU.

Happy Children’s day to every child out there. I truly am blessed with so many kids.


Wishing us all a funfiled weekend…
What are your plans for the weekend?


9 thoughts on “Letter To My Future Children

  1. Mummy loves you. Awww! So touching.

    Chapter 6 of wrong but right is out. If you are still not following, what exactly are you waiting for?


    The manuscript – chapter 2

    Shantel stepped down from the plane at Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos and took in her environment. Everything seemed to be exactly as she left it, she couldn’t single out any obvious change. But then again. Continue here:


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  2. Happy childrens day to us in arrears 😁. Such a beautiful tribute. I loved the part where you mentioned children being our teachers. We do learn a lot from them.


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