A half-baked loaf


Hosea 7:8-10
The people of Israel are like a half-baked loaf of bread.

An unappetising picture! A flat loaf, baked on hot stone but not turned: black on the bottom, raw and soggy on top – what some Bibles call a half-baked loaf! This picture stands for Israel, for the people of God. “That’s what you’re like”, God told his people. “You belong to me, but you mix with ungodly nations. When it suits, you serve me; at other times you turn to foreign powers and worship their idols”.

Hosea could be describing men and women of our time, who belong to God’s family, yet rely on worldly means and influences in life’s choices and decisions. It’s called, ‘keeping a foot in both camps’!

Still today, the temptation is always there to resist the call of God to worship him alone; to modify the claims of Christ on our life, and conform to the Spirit of our age. But in the long term, our half-hearted commitment becomes about as satisfactory as the half-baked loaf! It doesn’t attract others to seek the powerful love of Christ – or bring joy to our Lord.
Hosea knew that God was about to judge those long-ago, divided-heart people who treated the grace of God so lightly, so he challenged them to love and serve the Lord God alone. And many years later Jesus urged the people of his time to…

“Love the Lord your God with all your soul and with all your mind”. All… (Matthew 22:37)

So let us never forget the Cross where Jesus sacrificed everything to bear our judgement. Let us not be half-baked. In grateful love let’s offer our lives afresh to worship God and serve him without reservation.

Thanks for reading….


2 thoughts on “A half-baked loaf

  1. One things about living sacrifice is that it can always scrawl down the altar. Like I often says, He is either Lord of all or Not Lord at all. It will be good if we have this understanding that we are God’s Properties.

    Very insightful post, well-done! I perceive that you are really maximizing your alone time. Sometimes great things are born out of seclusion.


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