Dear Diary, I Am Scared Of Death!


I want to touch lives with my smile

With what is inside my heart

I ask myself

Why are you breathing?

What is behind it?

I am scared

Scared of the unknown

Scared of death

Scared of everything

How do I take this pain away?

How can I stay strong?

I live for a reason

But why do I still feel numb?

That day will come

It could be today

It could be tomorrow

Only God knows when

But what happens after that?

What is left of me?

What happens to the beautiful memories of loved ones?

Like they will always say,

Life goes on and on and on

An empty song

I never felt I deserved to live

Tired of living

My soul has grown weak from giving

Giving but never receiving

Until I met the light

Who told I was needed

And that I should stop trying to fit in

Because I was engineered to stand out

But how? I ask myself

This world is conceited

Everyone is only after their own interest

Their well-being

Enjoy every moment you have

The world can still a better place

You can still make it

Don’t give up!

Don’t let hatred consume you

But let God redeem you

Let it saturate my mind

Let it grow

Let it envelop me


Can you feel that?

Close your eyelids

Take a deep breath

Look within your soul

Let your Spirit grow

Can you feel it now?

Empty your heart

No worries

No distractions

Just breath………………………………..

That is called LIFE!

Cherish it

Nurture it

And never ever let go of it.


11 thoughts on “Dear Diary, I Am Scared Of Death!

  1. There is no need to be scared of death. We as child of God don’t die, we simply change address. Christ has redeemed us from the power of death so we have nothing to fear in that regard.


  2. There’s no one who isn’t scared of death…especially when it happens around one and it’s one thinking “When is it going to happen”… I just think that the best think is to make everyday count and enjoy each moment in life with full dignity.😊


  3. As a breast cancer survivor this really spoke to me. When I was initially diagnosed I had one week of extreme paranoia. I was petrified. But in that week I decided to surrender it all to God-my life as well as the fact that my diagnosis could result in death. But God…He replaced that fear with a peace that surpassed all understanding and gave me the strength to endure four surgeries in 8 months. And by His stripes I was healed. It was also a very vivid reminder for me that death is apart of life. The Bible says that we should laugh at death and cry at birth which makes complete sense considering the wicked world that we live in. Suffice it to say that I am so honored and awed that He found me worthy enough to extend my life! Hallelujah!


    1. You really are a warrior. Glory be to God for a great soul like you. You really are an inspiration to me and the world needs people like you. God will never let go of your hands and He didnt. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, I am truly blessed. Kisses and keep your light shining

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are too kind. I count it all joy as long as I am able to help someone else in this journey called life. I believe that we often go through trials to encourage others. Amen and amen-I give God His due glory!


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