Why did God have to create RATS!


Crazy title right? Well it isnt so for me and all those who feel the same way as I do. For the record guys, I hate rats, dogs, cockroaches, snakes and basically anything that does not have the form of a human being.

Rats scares the hell out of me and the sight of it alone is just not nice at all. Am I the only way who feel this way?

So I live in the school hostel and we can all imagine how life is in a female hostel…
So lately rats invaded my room and because of that I cant sleep. I tried all that I could to block the holes where they likely come from but for where, they patiently waited for lights to go off and boom from nowhere they started their operation.
From the look of things this little brats created a mini parlour in my mini room.

Who does that?

The thing I hate most about rats is that they are so disrespectful, rude, proud, insolent, arrogant, spoilt, noisy, ungrateful and totally annoying.
They come when they are not invited and they leave when they please. They even seem to have access to your kitchen. Can you imagine…

Why did God have to create rats?


Don’t be deceived guys because they never come in peace but they come fully prepared, ready to get their mouth on just about anything.

Last night was just the height of it all, after blocking everything blockable  for them not to gain access to my room, it will interest you to know that it didnt work because they still had the effrontery to rob me of my precious sleep…
They were so many and they even ate my roommates indomie without permission.



My facial expression when I hear the sound of rats…


Me trying to kill a rat.

I am so vexed right now…

Does anyone feel my pain?


7 thoughts on “Why did God have to create RATS!

  1. Heya. Pele.
    Rats love hostels.

    I hate rats too. And those nasty cockroaches. You kill one, ten more appear.
    With a passion.
    God has his reasons for everything my dear. It’s just like asking we we have to die, why is there satan, snakes and lions?

    Why not buy gum or rat killer.
    You know that apart from being annoying, it’s also dangerous with this lassa fever stuff.
    Buy gums, it’s not expensive, tear it into two so it covers more space, and you will catch some of them. I prefer it to rat killer cos of the smell.


    1. Awwwww… You really are so sweet… Thanks alot love, I think I will get the rat killer, I have been avoiding it because I just hate the sight of rats not to talk of the smell. God is my strength… Thanks for stopping by, I am so humbled.


  2. Ugh. I feel you 100%. I was just wondering this the other day as the school in which I teach has a rodent problem. Thankfully I have only ever had one my in my classroom and it sent me over the edge, lol. I can’t imagine actually seeing a rat which are so much bigger! Your post actually reminds me of a book entitled “Rats Saw God.” And rats is star spelled backwards, lol. I suppose God has a purpose for everything He created under heaven, but I’ll be the first to admit that I can’t fathom the reason He created those things!

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