After The Rain!


I live again after the pain and shame

Locked in this room waiting for someone to claim my soul

Then I shall find a place to stay

Where does my hope lies

Hoping for a better day

Every day seem not to end

Stagnant and redundant

Wait! I hear the sound of the rain

I smell the freshness of the trees

They dance and shake and clap

Ever ready for the rain

They stand firm in their root

Unshaken by the storm

But a sign is all I ask for

Weak and tired of trying

Let the rain come

Let it cleanse away my hurt

Let the rain wash me clean

Let the rain purify my soul

As I await the coming of the rain

I wonder if I will stand strong

Unshaken by the destruction

Will my feet be planted on the rock

The rock that can never be broken by the rain

If the rain comes… Will you stand?

On what ground will you stand on?

Will your work here on earth stand the test of time?



4 thoughts on “After The Rain!

  1. One can’t notice the tears of the saints in the heavy rain shower, we all pray we don’t get swept away by the torrents and thunderstorm though our feets be solid,hearts broken,souls heavy and spirit weary. We ask for the grace to walk on water!


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