I am the greatest gift that God gave to the world.
Yeah, you heard that right
With all my flaws and my wrongs
I still stand strong
Unshaken by the trials of life
I have discovered myself in Him who has called me by my name


I have been trapped in this zone for so long but I am glad to say that I have growing into the woman He meant for me to be
I confess that I am boldly capable of the impossible.
That is the mark of Christ in me.


To explore and to remember how far I have come to get to this point
I have defeated my former self who craved for attention in the useless things of the world


I celebrate myself
I celebrate my achievements
I celebrate my future
As I march into a different level where my dreams would be made true
I yield myself completely to the one whose love and mercy has brought me thus far.


Happy Birthday to the Woman of my dreams
Happy Birthday to Me




4 thoughts on “A NEW DAY!!!

  1. Oh Wow!
    It’s your birthday! Happy birthday Darling.
    I love the poem, it’s brimming with confidence and gratitude to God.
    So where’s the party venue?


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