The Land Is Green… The Harvest Is Ready


Hello Lovelies, how are we doing today?

So I did a fake mini photo shoot yesterday which was my roommate’s birthday and I want to share with you how I designed and edited some of the pictures I took.
I was smiling throughout while editing these pictures and I got an idea to maybe feature some of my designs on the blog. I absolutely love editing pictures, it is very versatile and you are able to be creative while at it. So without much ado let’s start with the first picture…


I used my School Sports Complex for this photoshoot because of how natural it is, I mean I felt so relaxed and reconnected to nature.


The outfit I wore for this shoot was a dress I stole from my mom, I mean I cant see this beautiful dress and pass by without doing justice to it…


As always I love wearing very minimal accessory so I paired the dress with a beautiful neck piece gifted to me by a friend and a cool shade simply because it was so sunny…


I love how dark this particular pix turned out. I wanted something that would reflect the beauty of nature..


This picture is my absolute favorite. Can you guess why?

Make a pick and let me know which of the pictures you love most…


I hope you loved this pictures…

Its a rap guys, till my next post.

Please leave your comments below and let me know what you think about the pictures.


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