J. S. S.: Does one person have control over your life?


Hello guys I am here again with another very exciting topic on Judith Speaks Series and today I will emphasize on the effect people have on you…

Let me start by asking this question…

Does one person have control over your life?

Have we given people the power to determine the way our life will go, the way we eat and breathe only when they say so, we do everything to please them and honour them at the expense of our peace of mind and on the long run they pull the plugs that could have given us the freedom to live a life of total acceptance.
They hinder us from making progress because their minds are shallow and weak, they cannot comprehend it. They hold us from advancing in life, from making powerful moves that will make you great, they are scared of what you can do and because of that they fill your head with the things that you cannot do..

Does one person determine your happiness?
Does one person determine how far you will go in life?
Do you live solely to please them?
Have they held you down for so long that you suddenly dont have the wings to fly?

I have a lot of family and friends who are caged in their parents embrace, their life has being planned by their parents, from the school to attend, the course to read,  the church to attend, the kind of clothes to wear and the kind of friends to have, they advance a little higher by telling you where you must serve after school, where you will work, the kind of husband you must marry, he should not be too tall or black, he must not be an igbo guy or from edo, they he must be well loaded and that is all that matters, they even tell you how many children you must have…

Hard to believe but it is very true and then you wonder why you still fill so empty guys its because you are not walking In God’s purpose for your life.
Imagine someone has a chain on you, you are always bound to that person and whatever that person says, so shall it be…
A practical example of this is a slave.
A slave has no saying of his own, he wont talk until permitted by his master, every move and every step he makes is determined by his master who bought him.
A slave is restricted in every way and if his master decides to cut his body into two or slap him a million times, he can’t do anything, the will to leave and make decisions is in the hands of his master, the master owns it and that is how it is with most of us, we let the opinion of others determine the decisions we make. We might be Christians but we still attach ourselves to people’s clothes.

No No No No

Christ came that we might be free from the shackles of death, from the shackles of destruction and he gave us the right to come directly to him for counsel.
I have seen and heard a lot of stories about great minds who are still where they, stuck in an unknown world where they are being controlled and manipulated because of the people in their lives, these persons may be your boss, your husband or even your pastor.
At the long run you must focus more on God than on these people, that is what God requires. Most Christians have a great relationship with their pastors and even their dogs than they have with God. We need to diligently trust God and listen to Him speak directly into our lives…
I don’t ever want to be moved by what people say or what society think. That mentality has been destroyed because of the prize Christ paid for my sins. The only person that has total and complete power over my life is God, Him and only Him knows the plans He has for me and for me to be able to walk in his plans for my life, i have chosen to give him my life in total obedience and Trust that only him knows me and only him alone can direct my foot paths.
He holds the key to my life
He holds the key to my happiness
He holds the key to my success
He holds the key to my education
He holds the key to my dreams
As much as my parents love and cherish me they can’t love me like God does and I find peace in knowing that I am working in God’s plan for my life..

Are you living your dream or are living someone else’s dream?

Many have been bound by the power of someone’s decisions in their life. They  turn to people to run their lives and they wonder why things are not working out as planned, they wonder why they cant get a job or why people are not looking their way, or why deep into have us we feel so empty and lost. This people have been tied in the shadow of their parents and it becomes very hard for them to break forth. They very comfortable with living in their parents house, they are find comfort in their comfort zone that even their comfort zone becomes uncomfortable for them.

I encourage you to break forth from the power of the devil

I encourage you to resist from the devil and submit yourselves to God

The devil is constantly looking for whom to have control over and when he has you in his palms it becomes very easy for him to distract you from seeing the light…

That will be all guys for today and as from next week we will have a new feature on this blog.

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I mistakenly captured this picture, I didn’t even know when I took it…
I love love love it… So beautiful



6 thoughts on “J. S. S.: Does one person have control over your life?

  1. powerful write-up,and also a big lesson to learn from,May God continue to increase u in wisdom.may we not be a people pleaser but a God pleaser ,we should not please people to get approval from them,but let God approve of us for our good.


  2. I was smiling through reading this, you wonder why? I have been there, done that but unfortunately burn the T-shirt😀. Its a long weary road to travel letting people decides the direction of your life. Thank God I started out reading inspirational and motivational books ahead in time, that gave me a solid footing somehow to recognise the fact everything depends on me not on others. That gave me a mental paradigm shift trust me.

    Powerful and very insightful write up. Keep it up, more inspiration and grace in the name of Yeshua

    Every blessings!

    Liked by 1 person

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