Saved By Grace



Left alone I would be nothing but scraps

Shattered and Broken

Empty and Void

Sinful and rejected

Without hope Without dreams

Stained and battered by the rain

Unable to look up

Shaken and Used

Abandoned by family and friends

Tagged Unusable, Desolate

Left to be eaten by wild animals

They hungered for my soul

In this dry land, my heart is searching

There is a need in my heart to be closer to you

I couldn’t know how for I am the rejected stone

A stone used to bring glory to the Almighty

A stone set apart from the very beginning of time

A stone humiliated and spat upon

A stone hated and chastised by men

It is over

I could feel him longing to hold me

I knew He wanted me by all cost

But then, I am a sinner with a degree

A fugitive, running away from the truth

I couldn’t meet up to expectations

I couldn’t forgive myself

I was to be tried for murder, adultery, abortion, Robbery,

Prostitution, Kidnap…

I knew I was guilty

My life will be over

Without a trace of my existence

I deserve to die

I deserve to be purnished for my transgressions

I deserve all that I am getting

They led me to court

To face my sentence

And my oppositions came from everywhere

Ready to put me away for life

My accusers unraveled all my offences to the Judge

From the day I was born to this day

I had no one to defend me

No one to hold me

No one to tell me I gat your back

I could hear voices

Screaming and Shouting

Crucify her! Crucify her!!  Crucify her!!!

They looked at me with scorn

With eyes full of venom

Ready to swallow me and spit me out

I couldn’t take it no more

I want to die

I could never make it out alive

I couldn’t take the shame and the pain

I cried tears of blood

I cried tears of liberation

Tears of acceptance

Tears of agony

Then comes the final judgment

The final word

The final rule

The final declaration

That would set my soul on fire

I battled with demons

To be set free

To live again in this dry land

The Good Judge looks straight into my eyes

With love so strong I could touch it

His eyes filled with pity for this lost soul

He called out my name

And said..

You are free

Your charges dropped

Your chains removed

You are set free

By my grace I have made you whole

I have no charge against you

Go and sin no more

You are no longer bound to this chains that once held you

Your debt has been paid in full

The Good Judge says

I am free I am free I am free

I am valuable to him

My accusers were speechless

How is it possible

This Sinner, This Fugitive

Free of every charge

Of every guilt

Of every pain

Of every condemnation

Free to breath

Cloth in majesty and splendour

Cloth in grace and mercy

This rejected stone

This worthless stone

This desolate and empty vessel

Now a frontier

A giver of peace

This stone has become the corner stone to be loved by all.

All for God’s Grace and His Mercy


We all have been chosen by His Grace not by our merit

Not by qualification nor class nor degree

Not even by our holiness

His grace cuts across the unimaginable

The inconceivable and the unbelievable

I am saved by his Grace. I am a product of God’s mercy that I know I didn’t deserve and so are you

No one ever deserves a second chance

But God doesn’t care about any societal background or grade

He has a calling on our soul

What I am is a living testimony of his

magnificent grace


Lord Jesus, My Best Friend

My King, My Buckler

I am nothing without you Lord

I lay my life for you to use

I am not worthy of your love

You have taught me to be at peace with myself

To look within my heart

To discover your will for me

Thank you Lord for this beautiful day

Thank you for good health

Thank you for all that I am and all that I will ever be

I surrender all to you

Withholding nothing from

I give you all of me

For your glory

For your honour

For your mercy

For your love

For your grace

Save us Lord this day

Shield us from every evil

Protect us and remind us of your faithfulness

May we shine bright today and every other day

May your divine love overshadow our hearts and minds

I love you Jesus

Thank you Lord

For a testimony is on its way

I can feel it

And I know you will perfect that which you have begun in us

Blessed be your most holy name

Now and forever more




Thanks alot guys for reading this post..

I pray you remain blessed

Have a wonderful week ahead and may God’s Grace pave a way for us.. Amen


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