Story time: My Experience With Acne!


Hello dearest…

So who is ready for storytelling? Okay so fasten your sleep belt and promise me you’ll wont sleep off because I am the worst story teller on planet but I think I gat this one.

Story Story… What’s upon a time…

So I have been battling with acne on my pretty face for some years and I didn’t find it a bit funny. I was like this one done pass puberty stage na.


Like seriously when I think about all that I went through with this disease I feel so bad. At a point I automatically became an introvert, I couldn’t look people straight in their eyes because I was scared they would say something to offend me, which off course they did, I lost my self esteem, I became antisocial and I would just lock myself indoors, I practically hated the sight of me. It was so disastrous.


I wondered who had to purnish me this way, what sin did I commit to deserve this. I basically used everything that was prescribed to me by family and friends but it grew worse. There were black spots all over my face, strangers would stop me on the road to ask me what I was using for the acne and that was so embarrassing.

I remember I kinda contributed to the acne because I was always changing soaps and cream everyday, from dove to dudu osun to idole to safeguard and I kept changing till it grew worse that I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror.

As time went my I had to understand my skin and how it works, and I found out that I had a very sensitive skin so I had to start from there.
I made a drastic decision to stop using anything and just stick to what works for me and I must tell you guys it wasn’t easy because I get impatient sometimes (scratch that, every time) I like things done as quick as possible so if what was prescribed for me didn’t work within two days I would stop using the product and switch to another one.

But on the long run I summoned all the courage I had and I just stop caring too much about my face and sticked to a regime that worked for me.
What worked for me, you might ask?
How did I go from having severe acne to having a spotless and smooth face? Trust me guys, I didn’t used any product on face but what worked was…



Patience…. And more Patience


I had to just let my face breathe for awhile without using any product on my face.

Less is more!


So that was how my acne disappeared without applying any product and when people ask me what I used on my face I tell them nothing…

My face isn’t perfect now but I am getting there, atleast I am not where I used to be before…

I want to encourage someone out there reading this and is suffering from acne.

  • Never let your acne determine who you truly are.
  • Learn to accept yourself for who you are. Mind you when I went through this phase I never applied makeup to conceal my acne, I wanted people to see me and accept me for who I am.
  • What worked for someone else might not work for you so master your skin and give it want it wants and believe me the results will be great.
  • Do not let anyone bring you down, let them know you love and accept yourself and no one can change that.

(I used to have many pictures of my acne but sadly I cant find them, it was worst than this. I promise to update this post if I find more)

So guys I really would love to hear from you. Share with me and others how you got rid of your acne…

News Flash
* I will be leaving for school tomorrow and trust me I wish this break never ended but sadly it did. What has a beginning must surely have an end. So please put me in your prayers… Thanks Lovelies

  • My birthday is coming up next week Monday which is 16th of May so keep the gifts rolling. I am pretty excited about it, I just cant wait.

Thank you so much for sticking through to the end… I love you


11 thoughts on “Story time: My Experience With Acne!

  1. Hi Judith,

    Dealing with acne can be quite challenging, I dealt with this problem as a teenager and still have the occasional pimple from time to time. But I’ve learned to manage it with patience.

    I agree with you, “less is more”. Sometimes over-worrying only makes it worse. I’m glad that you’ve won the battle against acne, well done! 🙂


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