I am all shades of beauty
I love me for who I am.
I never back down because I am in a world of my own
Where I rule and shine above my peers
Waiting to explore my dreams
And yes! To harness my potentials hidden in the deepest part of my soul.

I am all shades of beauty
I accept my perfections and not forgetting my imperfections.
They make me realise how very human I am.

I am all shades of beauty
I am not subjected to the standards of this world.
I am in no competition with anyone but rather I chose to let God lead me to His final destination for me.
I can’t waste my precious time striving to beat others on my way up the ladder because success can never be achieved alone.

I am all shades of beauty
I love hard and even when I get hurt I still love again and again and so it goes.
How difficult is that?
When I am blue and depressed
I hold on to the love that God has for me.

I am all shades of beauty!
I am me and you are you
I love how big my eyes are but you look closer, it is perfectly structured by my creator
And then my smile that turns wild beast to lambs
I imagine God’s smile when he created my nose and my lips!
Oh my lips, small but mighty
Luscious and radiant, capable of speaking life to dead things
And casting out the enemy

I am all shades of beauty
He made them all just to suit me
And I love all of him in me because he first loved all of me.

I am all shades of beauty
With peace settled on my lips
With joy when I smile
And strength when I cry
Its all within me
All I could ever dream
I might not be appreciated now
But just wait and see when the lioness in me is unleashed…


Hope you enjoyed the poem, I just want to encourage us to learn to accept you for who you are.
Acceptance is the first thing to do to discover our hidden dreams just as Christians first have to accept Christ in their heart to attain eternal life.

I really had a very hard time accepting myself, the way I looked, my height, my shape. I allowed my insecurities take the most out of me and I would allows lock myself up because I feared I wont be accepted, it consumed me big time, all I wanted as a kid was to be accepted by society, by friends and even by my own family and when I couldn’t go on living a life of lies I had to make the decision to be me all the time.
I realised how talented I am, how beautiful I am and also how very smart and strong I am. I had to hold on to the good that God deposited in me and I am constantly working towards my goal which is Eternal Life in Christ Jesus.

Channel all your strength in the good you have and let God work on the remaining part of you that needs to be pruned and modified.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend… What are your plans for the weekend?
I feel bad because my plans didn’t come through and I will take the blame…
Hopefully my day still turns out well?

Till my next post guys…

Thanks for reading..


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