Style Post: Simplicity meets Classy



Hello Lovelies, how was your night? Thank God for the rain. Hope you’ll didn’t snore last night? Happy to be doing my first style post.
I just can’t explain to you guys my silent love for playing dress up, I love clothes as much as I love Sharwama…

Yeah guys, my favorite colour of all time is black, I am basically obsessed and stupid in love with all things black, anything I wear must have a pop of black. I love this colour because of how it compliments my skin and I kinda have a secret crush on dark guys. 🙈 Please its a secret ooo… The thing is I love very dull colour, any thing flashy just isn’t my thing… So let’s get down to business


I stole this beautiful gown from my sister 🙈 I can’t begin to tell you guys how my sis and I have fought over clothes, hmmm I use all forms of tricks and there are times I even quote the Bible, lol I really love to see her reaction *Sister’s Love..


So I paired this beautiful black gown with a yellow sandal to give it live and very minimal accessory which I wore to work and I love how it turned out. Simplicity meets Classy is what this outfit is all about and that is what I stand for.



I braided my hair, fear no just allow me fix my hair, because the fear of heat is the beginning of wisdom. I have had this braid for 2weeks now and mehn I just cant wait to take it down.
Do you guys want me to do a tutorial on how I styled my braids? Let me know, you know I can do anything for you guys abi? As long as it doesn’t involve money.


Selfie Queen in the building… Let me know what you think about this outfit…

  • The pictures were taken by my ever delectable sister in love..
  • Style Post coming up every Thursday so make it a date with me.

Thanks guys for sticking with me, I am so grateful and humbled by it.
Have a lovely day…


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