Judith Speaks: Be Empowered!


What does it mean to be empowered as a woman?

Women Empowerment means giving women a platform to be independent & giving them the opportunity to speak out in a society dominated by men.
We have a voice and we should be allowed to air it out to the world, to contribute our own quota to society without any form of discrimination or prejudice.

We have been sublimed right from our very existence, they call us the “Weaker Sex.” How true is that? What does it mean to be weak? First of all what is weakness? Lack of strength…

When I think about this, I am amazed as to why the world call us the weaker vessel… Oh now I think I can relate… Remember Eve? Yes, Eve who was tempted by the serpent and that mistake which she made has awarded us the name “Weaker Vessel”

From the beginning of creation we have being labelled as the inferior one, the other one, but never have we been celebrated for who we truly are. Have you forgotten so soon? I mean if women where truly the weaker vessels as society claim them how come there are more women than men in the world? Do the statistics… How come we haven’t all died as to the fact that we are the weaker vessel… We have been awarded a special place in society that if exceeded it becomes a problem..
I hear comments like it is an abomination for a woman to speak in public and the place of a woman is in her husband’s bed where she is made only for the purpose of producing babies…


Now what is strength? Is strength all about what you can do? Is it about how fast you can run or what you are capable of?
The Scripture says “it is not by power nor by might but by my Spirit says the Lord” also,
The race is not for the fastest or for the strongest man in the room

Strength has been channelled on physical things, and what your abilities are, strength to society is all about physical attributes, outward appearance while all this while the real strength is right inside of us, waiting to be noticed, waiting to be harnessed.
I have read a lot of articles on women empowerment, a lot of things to be said but only one thing matters…

We are the power house of the universe, we might be told to be quiet but we are currently changing the world without even trying hard to.
The strength of a woman cannot and should not be questioned or compared…

Her strength is seen in the home as the fore runner of the family, the peace maker and the master planner…

Her strength is seen when she sees her menstrual period every month for up to a week, she has to endure pain, discomfort and mood swings but yet she scales through…

Her strength is seen when she conceives for 9months. How easy is it to carry another child in a womb? Not to mention the endless pain she goes through, she experiences hyperpigmentation, swollen legs & faces, but then she still cooks for her man, washes the dishes, sweeps the house, yes she does all that because she can. Talk about a woman with strength…

Her strength is seen in the labour room when she gives birth to her baby, excruciating pain eludes her whole body leaving it unbearable to breath but yet she still has to keep trying, some go through hours of labour with severe pain and tears, she cries, she screams, she farts, but after all that she still doesn’t give and you say we are the Weaker Vessel? No one can phantom how she does it but she does it. Sorry what were you saying again about “Weaker Vessels.”

Her strength is seen when she breast feeds her child, when she nurtures him, stays awake through the night just to put him to sleep…

The Strength of a Woman should not be compromised

This mentality that we don’t matter has eaten deep in the society and a virus has been spread, even in some churches women don’t have the right to speak or contribute to the well-being of the community, and were they are have the liberty to talk is at home and it comes in some places with restrictions. This disease has affected us so deeply but we don’t see it. The issue surrounding women empowerment isn’t just about Equality or Political campaigns, it isn’t just about self-esteem but on the contrary it is more about what people perceive to be true about women.
Women empowerment focuses more about us women being aware of ourselves, it is not about them but it is about us, it is about me and what I call myself…


What do you have in your hands? What are you doing with that gift or talent that you have as a woman? We don’t need to have a place at the political area to be heard or be regarded as important, no, on the contrary it begins right here in us. Loving eachother and supporting one another as women is where we need to start from first and also loving ourselves with all love, care, and respect.


Most women don’t respect themselves and I don’t think I blame them, they met a society that is so overshadowed with competition, perfection, segregation and you ask me what the result is? Well see for yourself.
Women empowerment starts with speaking and if we are not allowed the opportunity it makes the world unbearable.

“Women are naturally gifted and empowered but except they are allowed to speak they are like vegetables…
Engr Griffin Okeh

To empower a woman just let her speak openly, communally and otherwise…
If women are given the opportunity to be empowered they can change the world…

Please share your views on this…

Thank you for sticking till the end…
You all rock.



2 thoughts on “Judith Speaks: Be Empowered!

  1. Ah… True one… Her strength us seen when she sees her period and then is high on hormones for the remainder of the month and still has to act and behave normal.
    👏👏 #PowerOfAWoman


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