Weekend Download…

Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooo is anybody home?

Okay that was me being a little naughty I guess. So guys I have got a lot to share  with that I don’t know where to start. Please just stay with me….

So I was feeling so down on Friday that I didn’t want to go anywhere, I locked my small self in my room * mood swings * sure you guys can relate, and then my beautiful sister suggested we go out,  probably watch a movie and I was like “I am not going no where and even if I wanted to you need to sponsor the bills” mehn see us arguing on who to foot the bills, well last last sha we decided to spilt the bills and we ended up getting prepared to watch a movie at Ikeja City Mall. But hollup hollup just before we got prepared an inspiration just came from nowhere and trust me guys that was the most awesome thing that happened to us.

So God laid it in my heart to evangelise to at least 5-10 people at the mall and when I told my sister about it she was like, emmmmm soooooo what are we gonna talk about and I am like I don’t know let me go take bath while you talk to God about what we are gonna talk about and that was how I vanished into thin air leaving my sister to do all the thinking. At the end of it all we came up with a topic for discussion “Struggles That Christians Face”  and we focused on Rejection. (New series coming up on that)

Trust me guys prior to that we have never done such before and I for one didn’t know why God wanted us to talk to people in a mall but then again I felt it was a great idea and we both needed to step out of our comfort zone so as to touch and influence lives.

Though I felt people would think we are crazy or something but then again the thought, watch it watch it and watch it again. Never question God, He doesn’t need your opinion to use whomever GE wants to use, and I realized that it wasn’t about me or about my sister neither wasn’t about how spiritual we are but on the contrary this and every other thing we have and are is all about Him, we only exist for His Glory and if we do not radiate that Glory where ever we go then we need to be questioned and that was all we needed to motivate us.  Deep down in my heart I was so excited likewise my sister she couldn’t even wait to get started.
And the plan was we would go our separate ways and talk to a few people after which we would meet and watch our movie.

Ghan ghan so we got to ICM and immediately we got inside my sister saw someone and she just neglected me and I was like that was so fast but anyway I tried talking to some people at first but I was turned down which became more exciting and I just had to let God lead and the result was basically the reason why I feel God planned it all.

So I talked to people about there experience on rejection in their walk as believers and some said they had not experienced any rejection while some had and I spoke to a special woman who was so open to me and she said one problem we Christians have is that we don’t lone each other at all and that is something I would really love to talk about soon…

So after talking to her I was using one eye to watch my sister and I was just wondering what was taking her that long, I couldn’t wait any longer because I was tired so I approached her and the guy she was talking with and they were really digging it,  I mean I became quite jealous lol just kidding but really the guy was really into it all, he was excited and we kept talking and talking and I grew hungry and tired and hungry and tired again and he was like he is free for the whole day and that was how Favour bought us tickets to watch a beautiful movie Miracles from Heaven…


I cried like a baby while watching the movie, I can act like a baby at times sha, I just couldn’t control myself and people kept laughing at me… He also got us cakes and shop rite bread wey me I never chop and also paid our transport back home… Guys trust me we had fun talking about God, His love for us and suddenly I wasn’t tired neither was I hungry anymore. Praise the Lord!

I just looked up and I was like my papa na wayo man so you got this all planned out abi oya chop nuggle and that was it guys.

Selfie Queen 👑 loading… We took or I took lots of pictures, I mean lots of them that I was feeling so drowsy… Lol


😜 tongues out… Me and my beautiful sister with her open teeth. At times I wonder why I don’t have dimples, no open teeth… I was thinking of using a plier to create one for myself.. 😂



This picture is so dope and Favour was my personal photographer, that guy is so great and extremely talented… He makes dhoes,  he is a Fashion designer, a Motivational speaker, an Mcee… Hmmm okay guys let’s meet “Favour” the guy God sent to “Favour” us…


Cute right? Are you thinking what I am thinking? What are my even thinking self… You guessed right… Nothing



Do you guys like my outfit? Let me know what you think…


Just because I love kids…



Just getting started…


I love that art, I was quite scared to go closer..


That gap tooth again… So cute



I love love this spot..



I think they look great together.. Just saying


And that is all guys, I wish I could share all the pictures with you but you know na…

  • I think I will evangelize every Friday by the special grace of God. Its not by my power neither is it by my might but by God’s Spirit who strengthens and sustains me…

  • What do you guys think about my new theme, I really love it…

Thanks for sticking to the end, you guys are the bomb.com, wishing you a fantastic week… Stay blessed and stay out if trouble…

Please guys leave your comments below and let me know what you think about this post… Adios

…Judith Truly Cares


2 thoughts on “Weekend Download…

  1. Very exciting post. Thank God you yield.

    I haven’t had any outings in years lolz. Weird me. I just love being alone. #see jealousy hehehe.

    You really had fun, I can see that from your write up



    1. Yeah i know that feeling but it is not the best atleast not all the time. You should try to give yourself a little treat solo or with close buddies trust it wont hurt… Even Thomas Edison as extremely introverted he still had to take his tests outside his comfort zone to hear what people thought about it.

      Liked by 1 person

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