Hello lovelies, long time no post. I am so sorry for my awkward silence on this blog, I know I need to put my act together and all and I promise you guys it will not always be like this, I am turning a new leaf and hopefully you guys stick around to make it happen…

So I have a new series on the blog which shows a different part of me to the world, where I get to share my ideas, my dreams, what I feel and what I am thinking..

I had a serious conversation with a friend of mine at work and that conversation is what lead to this post. What we spoke about really opened my eyes to a lot of things that I havent being open to.

So the conversation started like this. Please stick around

Friend: Hello J how is school and all

Me: School is fine, we are pushing it slowly

Friend: So J tell me do you party?

Me: No, never for once have I partied.

Friend: Who are you forming for, so if you don’t go to parties, how to you socialize with people?

Me: I am antisocial, I love my privacy, I just love to be alone, from lectures I head straight to my home, or church and that is how my life is.

Friend: wow! So if you don’t mingle with people, if you just keep to yourself how then do you influence people? If you lock yourself up at home and shy away from people how do you make an impact in their lives, its not about saying you are a blogger, that is not the real world, you need to face the real world,stop hiding and shying away from people because it doesn’t help in any way

Me: hmmm! I never thought of it that way…

You see prior to that conversation I have been living my life in closed doors, always on my own,  always hiding from the spotlight. I didn’t want to be noticed and so I had to keep my distance as far as possible. I was living a lie and that didn’t help matters at all, I probably thought that was who I was but when I think about it I am not so sure who I am anymore. I am an agent of change and how on earth can I be an agent of change when I don’t socialize with people, when I lock myself up and stay away from making new friends, from meeting people.

My life in school is more like a sham. I know a lot of my course mates wonders the kind of person I am as I am just something else. I live in a world of my own and most times I don’t entertain visitors in my world because I see people as invaders. I am so invisible and I run away from anything that would bring out the best in me.  I really don’t think this is this best way to live my life.

I have been trapped in my comfort zone for too long that it isn’t bringing me anymore comfort. I want to make people smile but how can that be possible when I don’t give people the chance to be themselves around me.

So guys I don’t know if there are people like me, who practically lock people out of their circle probably because you are scared of being hurt. We all need each other and running away from people would only limit you from obtaining your goal. 

I want to make a lot of changes in my life, I want my appearance to radiate God’s beauty and not mine,  I want to be a source of inspiration to a lot of girls out there, I want to influence people not just by preaching Christ but by living a live of Christ. When I think about how He influenced people with His gifts and talents I am amazed. He handles situations like a pro and He is never moved my what people say. He never hid his gifts rather he was always on the move going about His Father’s business, every where he went, he was always doing good, changing lives with his preaching and his charisma.

If Jesus Christ hid himself from the world I wonder what this world would look like, he never intended for us to keep hiding because he knows we are fire that needs to reach out to people whether we know them or not, whether we even like them.

A lamp lit up in a house cannot be hidden under the bed,  it needs to be brought out so as to shine its light…

We are that light,  we are that fire,  we are the lamp and we must shine out light so bright so that our Father in heaven can be glorified

It is not all about you nor is it all about me but it all boils down to one key factor and that is the living God.  We do this for Him and no one else…

Make a decision today to walk in His ever lasting light and be that change that you want in the world.

Thanks alot for sticking with me, you guys rock.

Till my next post.  Adios

……Judith Truly Cares


10 thoughts on “JUDITH speaks: HOW DO YOU INFLUENCE PEOPLE?

  1. Were you in my head while composing this post? This is practically me Lolz. I’m working on it seriously though. Sigh

    With all these vibes bubbling in me, staying recluse ain’t the way. Funny enough I am almost the talkative when I’m in a group of friends. Hardly had friends though, lols . actually 4 casual friend and a bestie who ironically is a she 😀

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    1. wow i really understand. I am like that too but i just realized sitting at home wont change the world we need to share our ideas with people and influence them to be better… Dont think about it just do it and you will be amazed at the result.

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  2. You’re not alone; that’s exactly how I am. And to add salt to injury, I’m not even good at making friends, especially with girls. I just have this feeling that they’ll hurt me somehow. This post has opened my eyes, you can’t change the world if you don’t influence it. You can’t sit in your home and except the world to be a better place. Love love this post


    1. Yay! I so grateful to God for giving us the grace to help eachother grow. Jesus wasnt all that the extroverted type, but he knew just how to merge his social life and his personal life. You said it better than I could possibly have.

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  3. Ookay… Did you actually read me?? Cause that post is all about me. Writing and music are actually my only escape out of the solitude that is lately becoming so hard. I get you totally and I think I got to this post on time. Still in my earlt twenties so I still have time to make the ammends. Thanks Judith, keep writing. Your blog is a huge encouragement.


  4. True True True, the life we live ” is not all about you nor is it all about me but it all boils down to one key factor and that is the living God.  We do this for Him and no one else…” we have to strike a balance in our social life if we must reach and influence the people He wants us to, for His name sake.

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  5. I am a solitary guy but I’m never going to change that. I leave it to Jesus to manage my micro problems as well as my larger-than-life problems.

    Jesus says “my sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me”.

    Since my wife threw me out of my apartment on February 2, 2014, I’m living in a closet.

    It’s God’s job to provide me the means to shine my light on the world and He sends me to people. Sometimes, He sends people to me and yet other times, He calls me to a Sabbath and I lock myself in my house.

    It’s then that He talks to me!

    It’s not my job to follow the commandments, it’s Jesus who’s the Lord over all the commandments and He says “Lord is my name and I’m not going to give this name to another”.

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  6. Even my strange gravatar showing only part of my face is not my doing. I tried hard to upload any photo but this one is the best I could manage!

    Jesus is hilarious.

    Just like the Jews in wilderness of Sinai for 40 years, learn to follow God. Stop worrying and start living!


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