Matthew 18:1-6

The disciples of Jesus have been arguing among themselves who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven… There sure were many answers, many opinions but then they couldn’t find out the real answer so they went to Jesus and asked Him…
Who is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven?

Hmmm, Jesus reply was very practical and straight to the point, without mincing of words or long grammars and talks… So Jesus called a child to come and stood in front of them, and said, this is the answer to your question. I am sure the disciples were confused, I mean what is he trying to say to us, that this little child who doesn’t know a thing, we can speak in tongues, we can recite all the chapters in the bible, we pray and fast everyday… Blah blah blah and Jesus quickly sensing their anger further went on to pierce them with the truth and he said, Yes I know you pray, I know you read your bible, I know you speak in tongues, I know you belong to a lot of groups in church, you are a chorister, a deacon and all but one thing is missing and that one thing you don’t have makes all that you claim to have or be doing in my name useless “I assure you that unless you change and become like children, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven is the one who humbles himself and becomes like this child…

Now that is so deep… You see being a believer comes in many stages, just like what you have in school, you will have to go through kindergarten, nursery, primary, secondary, then there are exams that will be set to prove you are capable of moving to the next and bigger level and when you eventually pass that step you are admitted into the university, studying the discipline of your choice and during the 4 – 5 years you are exposed to a lot of things, you will write tests upon tests, assignments, and finally exams, this will play through till you have completed your program and them finally the big test will be pushing you to the world to prove yourself, so from the very beginning of kindergarten down to university every step prepares you to go to the next stage in life and if you fail one stage you will have to repeat it until you are set to move to the next stage.

Now guys as Christians the sames goes to us, we become born again, we become close to God, we read his word, we pray, we fast, but the big test is going into the world to prove ourselves with the gifts that God has bestowed on us… We often times get caught up with the activities around us all in the name of preaching the gospel but our lives is far far far from the real deal.. We think most times that reading the Scriptures, Praying or even Speaking in tongues is all there is to being a true Christian… Well Jesus has said it all, I am sure the disciples were doing all this things but then Jesus said they still had to change and that is the same thing Jesus is trying to put across to us, there are so many things out there, so many irrelevant activities that we engage ourselves in and we allow it occupy the main reason why we are here in the first place

Humility does not really get a good press in today’s world where we are encouraged to cultivate a good self-image, be self-sufficient and demand our rights. However, Christ-like humility is far more than the absence of flaunting our self-worth and thinking we have earned the right to have everything we desire. It is also the knowledge of the presence of God’s grace in our lives.
When Jesus said we must be like children, he had in mind their total dependence upon others for their daily needs, mommy I want bobo, daddy I want a motor car. He would also have considered a child’s complete lack of pretension when it comes to acknowledging their needs. Perhaps he was also thinking of their trusting towards those that are older.

We need to admit we are not naturally humble which is perhaps why Jesus said, “Unless you change…” We need to put aside all pretensions of self-confidence, self-sufficiency and self-worth. We need to see our complete dependence on God for absolutely everything we have and are. Our worth comes, not from who we are by birth, hard-work, good looks, or wealth. Our worth lies in being loved by God in spite of who we are and what we have done.

We will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven unless, in humility, we bow before him and acknowledge our destitution and his glorious grace..



“Let Simplicity & Humility be the characteristic traits of your soul. Go through life like a little child, always trusting, always full of Simplicity and Humility, content with everything, happy in every circumstance…. There, where others fear, you will pass calmly along, thanks to Simplicity & Humility.”

“As waters flow from the mountains down into the valleys, so, too, do God’s graces flow into Humble Souls”


I pray God grants us the grace to completely and totally depend solely on his saving grace.


Thanks a lot for visiting, and reading this post I am truly grateful…










…Judith Truly Cares



  1. Children have no evil in them. But God curses men all over Bible, telling them they’re created with evil hearts and deceptive minds.

    Jesus was addressing men, not women. A child obeys his mom. Do men obey their wives? No.

    We, men, have even corrupted many women and children.

    But if we marry our soul mates, she’ll take all evil out of us. Since that union will complete our soul, we’ll receive the Holy Spirit, also. We’ll be saved!

    We’ll NOT get our soul mate in heaven. We’ll get heaven by marrying our soul mate and becoming one flesh.

    The Tree of Life (Holy Spirit) is guarded by Pakistani Cherubim who won’t let MEN to eat from it. That is, unless they stop showing lust in strange flesh and marry their soul mate woman.

    A woman is the road to heaven. Jacob saw a dream of a ladder to heaven. Women ARE THAT LADDER. MAN-MADE bonds put asunder what God joined together. They are fornication.

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  2. Please also note that women do not harden their hearts. They cry like babies. But men…

    Men harden their hearts from early youth. Their hearts are harder than stones. They’re ordered to rend their hearts of stone.

    Women do not need to do much. Just stop luring men and never marry a strange flesh. Keep your chastity or whatever is left of it and wait for your soul mate.

    You’ll recognize him from first sight. God will help and guide you. Just bring out the Eve in you.

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