Hello guys… Happy New Week. How did you spend your weekend? Mine was spent at home and visiting family and friends, nothing much…
So its Monday again, I hear people say Monday is the worst day of the week? Is that true?

So I have got a little exercise for us today(don’t worry its not WAEC nor JAMB, its just a little mind game. So let’s roll along, if you don’t mind..

Fill in the gap by choosing the options that suits your answer

What drives your life? ………… (A.God, B.Jealousy, C.Materialism D.Pride E.Hatred F.Anger G.Fear H.Guilt

Take your time guys, no need to rush this, really think about it and if you like share, please do

What excites you when you wake up in the morning?

What is the fuel that determines how the rest of your day will be?

Are you driven by so much hatred?
Do you hate the job you have? You feel empty when step into your workplace?

Are you driven by jealousy or envy? You wish you had what she had, you feel no one deserve anything good?

Are you driven by material things? The need to be better than everyone else..
The need to acquire…The desire to enjoy the beautiful things of life..

Are you driven by guilt? You feel so ashamed of your past and because of that you can’t let go, it saddens your heart…

As i type this i am trying to figure out what drives my life…
I ask myself what makes me want to wake up every day? (Well God)
What makes me do the things I do?

This question is very important and we should make an attempt to think real deep so as to evaluate our lives and doing this helps us keep track of where we want to be and how we hope to get there…
Knowing what drives you keeps you focused on your dreams..

There is so much to live for, but you can only live for one thing.
You can only stand for one thing
And you must only believe in one thing and covers up every other thing, this could help change your life into becoming all that God created you to be and that one thing will be what will inspire you to become a better person..

Once upon a time I was driven for people’s approval, which took away my sanity… I wanted to make everyone happy and if it went bad I always blamed myself. I used to be so churchy I belonged to many societies in my church, I was practically everywhere, this particular society prohibited wearing of trousers, painting of nails and other things, I was okay with it if they saw me as a decent girl, if they said good things about me. I allowed the expectations of people control my life and it didn’t take me because I realized that I had to have my own. I needed to just be me
I was trapped in a box and I couldn’t let loss. But at one point in my life I had to free myself of everything because on the long run I realised that seeking for people’s approval made me a fake person, and that is all there is to it. 

George Bernard Shaw wrote,
“This is the true joy of life: the being used up for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; being a force of nature instead of a feverish, selfish little clot of ailments and grievances, complaining that the world will not devote itself to making youA happy.”

While I am trying to figure out what I drives me, here is what I want to be driven by…
I want to be driven by the will of God in my life..
I want to be driven by what God has put in my heart to do…
I want to be driven by his desire for me..
I want to be driven by good thoughts…
I want to be driven by my passion to put smiles on people’s faces, to be an agent of change…

Am you really driven by these?

Ecclesiastes 4:4
I have also learned why people work so hard to succeed: it is because they envy the things their neighbours have. But it is useless. It is like chasing the wind.


Thanks a lot guy for visiting my blog, I am truly grateful and humbled..

Please let’s keep the conversation going, I would love to hear your thoughts on this…

….. Judith Truly Cares




  1. I really believe God should be our drive. . .it’s quite unfortunate the issues of life makes us see HIM less and our problems more. . . We are swayed by pressures of life that we desire nothing but instant miracles. . .I know God is not a magician but many of us have a feeling that if He was. . . Maybe life would be a lot better!!!

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