Slowly and quietly he finds a way in our heart
To rob us of what we hold dear
He says its okay if you break the rules Nothing is ever gonna happen…
He whispers sweet words of nothings His promises seem true but he turns Around and shows his ugly side
His lifetime mission,
To strip of me of my sanity, not that I have any…

He says, just do it
Live life like there is no tomorrow, drink, eat, have mad fun, go wild, go crazy, its your life no one would know a thing, his words are stuck in my mind.
I want to do the right thing but there is just this one thing, that makes me feel stuck
I can’t seem to figure it out

My fragile heart can’t hold on any longer
Pain seems to be my only friend
He says I won’t be acceptable, that I don’t deserve to be happy
I mean I thought he was with me,
I thought we were supposed to be friends
I gave him my all
I let him into my life, into my home and now I am all alone
I thought… I thought… I thought nothing

His words are full of promises that are so tempting, it feels so real, so solid
I feel weak, helpless and hopeless
He has struck again
But this time around he took away all that I stood for
He chained me and made me do his biddings
I want to fly but I bound by the tempter’s whippings

I am drained, I fell for it again
His lies, its all in my head
Its power so strong I can’t take it anymore, I feel so useless at this point…

Perfect timing.. All he has been waiting to hear for so long
Just end it, he whispers, end it now
There is nothing to live for
Its over, just curse God and die in peace
He has deserted you, he left you to die miserably
He doesn’t love you, you are not worth it now
Just end it down, do it, do it, do it,
No one loves you, nobody cares for you
There is nothing left here on earth to do

I am broken but I can’t find the pieces
I must face this on my own
I must break this chains that bind me
Happiness will find me
I need to leave this horrible pass behind me
Today my life begins
I know I can make it…


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