walks in singing and praising God… I am acknowledging you for who you are, for what you have done in my life o yeah, dansakire dansakire baba..

Wow what a journey so we are a month old today, how wonderful is the Lord who made this possible…
He made his word life to me again
He made me know love
He gave me strength
He made be patient
He promised never to let go of my hands
And he kept to his word like always

I can’t tell you how excited I am, but the thing is I am.
What the Lord has done for I just can’t tell it all…
switch back to singing and dancing mode I can’t explain it, I can’t obtain it, Jesus your love is so, is so amazing, he takes me high unto the sky and when I think about your goodness you make me want to stomp… Makes me clap my hands, makes me wanna dance… Stomp
My brother can’t you I gat the victory… Stomp
Mehn you guys should just hear me sing, its so crazy

Screaming and wailing Okay Judith calm down, they have got your attention.

I owe this post to the one who made it all possible
The one who never gave up on me
To the one who gave me the grace to be whole again, to see myself just as He sees me
To the one who made me pregnant and made me a mother
To the one who saw me through my pregnancy days
To the one who gave me strength when I was weak
To the one who helped me give birth to my baby
To the one who helped me do ‘omugo’
To the one who cared and nurtured my baby…
THE EVE’ IN ME is her name
This is for you Lord
This is more about you than it is about me
I celebrate you raise empty glass cup
I celebrate your awesomeness in my life and for those who visit this blog.

I know this might seem too much, I can hear people saying, nawa o na just one month wey she gon dey do like say na one year.. Omase o
Well I am still grateful for all that God had been doing in life
I am grateful to everyone who reads my blog, you all are truly special…
Thank you so much

I made a video to kinnda celebrate this blog, so please let me know what you think about it…

Leave your comments bellows guys, they mean a lot to me… Let’s know each other better winks

We also boast of our troubles, because we know that trouble produces endurance, endurance brings Gid’s approval, and his approval brings hope
Romans 5:3-4




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