Hey guys? How are we doing today? Great right?…

So I am here for a little rant, yeah I just can’t take it anymore and I really want to air out my thoughts with the aim to correct some certain things that I keep hearing from time and you guys are gonna be the judge.

So I am a huge fan of gospel song, I love listening to them every time because it helps me clear my head and drives me close to God and helps me keep my sanity as I can be a little crazy most of the times.

So my problem with some of these gospel artist is their poor use of words in which they use to qualify God, I mean yeah he is supposed to be our friend but I think we should be a little more respectful about how we choose to worship or praise God.
We call him all kinds of worldly names that doesn’t suit him or isn’t known for and we go on to say we are worshiping God… I mean it is so appalling and absurd that we adopt worldly words to glorify Him and I often wonder if God really appreciates this, does he feel bad about this?

As Christians we shouldn’t be conformed to the standards of the world but we should be renewed with our mind and choose to sing meaningful songs that reflects God’s personality and glorify his name.
I don’t know what you guys think but its just my thoughts and I felt the need to express how I feel about them.
I mean it has even gotten to the point where we even adopt provocative worldly dance moves in church but our hearts and mind are far away from the real worship. There are times In church when if it is time for praise everybody is excited and strong, dancing and making a lot of noise but when it comes to worship, some people become weak and tired and I often wonder what our agenda is when it comes to true worship.

It happens everywhere but I just feel we are slowly adopting things that are not even necessary, songs that are supposed to edify us in our spirit become something entirely different. We are far away from the truth here and we need to really pray to God to show us the way of true worship, a worship that is pleasing to him not to please the crowd or to sell, no, those kind of gospel songs can never stand the test of time.

I don’t know it all, infact the only thing I know is that I know nothing, this is my take and I would really love to hear what you think and maybe correct me on something I missed or said wrong.. So that’s it guys thanks for sticking around.

Wishing you a lovely weekend filled with love, peace and joy..


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