Keeping up with ‘J’-My weight loss journey


*crying* wailing* screaming*

Where did I go wrong, I mean I thought I was doing great with my shape and all until I started hearing a lot of negative comments about my current look…

Friends: Judith you have added o, you now have christian mother arms..

Me: I like it that way (indeed)

So that’s all I have being hearing since I returned home from school, I mean maybe I am over reacting with this but I still don’t think I like the way I look to an extent and I have got to do something about it right? And the fact that I eat like there is no tomorrow, I mean how did all this start?

So I decided to pull myself together and do a little workout at home and I am still trying to recover from the whole skipping and all. My elder sister was my fitness trainer for today, I mean I wish I could have her kind of body and all…

Guys its gonna be a long ride but I believe with God on my side I will overcome.

I will be sharing my journey with you on thursdays and will also share tips on healthy living as the Spirit leads so stay tuned to Keeping up with ‘J’ as I journey towards living a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks for taking out time to visit my blog…

Do you have tips to share on how I could go about this or do you have stories to share on staying healthy, I would really love to hear from you…


Love you loads


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