True Happiness…



Hello lovelies, how is we doing today? Its that time of the month… So its a new month and let me be the first to wish us all a happy new month.

May God grant us all our deepest heart desire, can I hear an amen. Amen

What are your goals for this month, what are you doing right and what are you doing wrong? Its a year of change and we should be able to imbibe that in every area of our beautiful lives.


So today’s title is on happiness…


Now let me ask you this deep question that I had to ask myself to arrive at this post…


What does happiness mean to you?

What is your definition for true happiness?

It gets more interesting

Well, here is my humble submission

Happiness to me is the ability to be at peace with yourself and reaching out to others with the intention to put a smile on their faces.

Happiness is the awareness of accepting the way we are, happiness can mean a lot to different people but true happiness lies within us, it’s there but not everyone has the power to unlock it. That is when we need to know who we are by self introspection, by being aware of ourselves in every single way.

True happiness is seeing ourselves and others the way God sees us, its realising that we all make mistakes but that doesn’t make us a mistake rather we channel all our love into developing good habits and investing more time to what our soul needs. It’s true that we only take out but we don’t put in and that could be very dangerous, because when its seems like there is nothing left of us we go outside our beliefs to source for more happiness but the truth here is we only need to look within us, be quite, be calm and be at peace with who we are and who we are created to be.

The cause might still be in effect but the power to be happy can never ever be taken away from us no matter how the enemy tries to deceive us into believing that our happiness is limited. Never believe that lie, not for a second, not for a minute.

Happiness is searching the depths of our heart to unleash the gifts of God in us. I must also establish something of vital importance.

Happiness is me, happiness is you, happiness is us, it’s within you, let’s stretch out our hearts and mind into discovering who we are and what we stand for. What works for someone might not work for you and that is why you have to do you, and believe in all that you stand for. Even through your difficulties you still need to be true to yourself to overcome them.

Create your own pure haven and put God as the head of it all, be you, be consistent, be strong, be bold, be determined, be righteous and be a warrior, never take anything for granted because we are reminded that the devil comes only to steal, to kill and to destroy. He can’t steal your happiness and that’s why he puts his focus on the things that make you happy, your job, your car, your house, your husband, your wife, your child and even your TV…

He is after what will hinder you from maximizing your potentials to the fullest and we must fight him not just through prayers and fasting or by reading the scriptures, all these are extremely very important but we must be one step ahead of him, we must take him by surprise, we must hold firm to our faith in the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ… Don’t forget that if there is one thing the devil is good at, it is persistence… He will stop at nothing to see us in disarray and that is why he keeps planting in us a mental picture of who we are supposed to be as opposed to who we were created to be by idolising celebrities, by idolising our bodies, we suddenly want to dress like Beyonce or Rihanna, we want to have big boobs and butts like Kim k and Nicki m, we want to have tattoos like Chris Brown or Kanye West, we suddenly want to change our identity, we want to dress like the opposite sex…

The devil comes to steal, to kill and to destroy, he is a master manipulator, a slimy lying bastard who will stop at nothing to get you to do his bidding.

Great are the devices of the devil, they are many, it could be through your phone, he can use anything, any day and at anytime. So that is why we need to shape our minds and heart.. The devil only has power over our minds if we give him the power to do so… And that is why you must be 10 steps ahead of him.

May God bless his word in our hearts.

Submit yourself to the Lord, resist the devil and he will flee from you.

Grind yourself in his word, day and night and never depart from the truth. You see when we tell ourselves the truth we shame the devil. Be truthful to yourselves no matter how hard it is to do. The devil will never ever tell you the truth about yourself, on the contrary he will fool you into believing there is something wrong with you, he will tell you, you are not beautiful enough and you need makeup to be made up. I always go by this philosophy of mine that I don’t need make-up to be made-up and it has worked for me and I believe it can work for you, if only you define yourself not by the world’s standards but by God’s standards.

God’s standards are what sets us apart to be followers of Christ and light bearers.

Don’t be deceived, the devil will come and when he does come, of which he damn will, we must tell him face to face who we are and what we possess.

You are an agent of change!

A Warrior!

A Light Bearer!

True beauty lies within you!


Wow! Its a wrap guys

I encourage someone out there to make a move

I dare you to rise above hate, above every limitations, above identity crisis…

I dare you to stand your ground and let God take you to a whole new level in discovering TRUE HAPPINESS

Would love to hear your own take on what TRUE HAPPINESS means to you..

Thank you so much for spending time with me by reading this post, I am sincerely grateful…

Do have a lovely lovely day ahead..


11 thoughts on “True Happiness…

  1. First time here!! Beautiful post, beautiful blog.

    I think what I believe is as you describe is Joy. Anything can make you happy. But Joy is something that can stand the test of time because that’s what we find in God’s word. That’s what the Spirit gives. The world plays at happiness which can be derived from some things but Joy over rides it anytime because even when we’re not happy due to some circumstances that may have happened, the Joy of the Holyghost keeps us going, makes us realize that though we might not have anything in this world, we have Jesus, and He’s all that matters.

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