Affirm Yourself!!!

Good morning lovelies. How was your night? I beat you all slept well because I did…

What are telling yourself everyday, are you saying positive things to your situations or are you doing the opposite…

Our words has a way to either make or break us, so which will it be? You need to be able to speak life into every dead things and believe it will come back to life. Just as God commanded the dry bones to come back to life and gave it breathe so should we be able to challenge whatever difficult situations we are facing. We need to be consciously aware of who we are and should not ever forget to speak life into every problems.

The devil has a way of filling our head with so negative thoughts that we eat, swallow and digest, we are too quick to believe his lies, that we are inadequate, that we are worthless, without a purpose in life but we forget so soon that he is the father of lies which means that whatever comes out from is mouth is not true. Get it?

I remember when I was negative minded, I was never good enough, never pretty enough, and everything I ever did was built on negativity that almost claimed my life, but here I am writing about it, I was once their and trust me I wouldn’t want any of us to go down that road…

So from today let’s learn to say positive and uplifting words to ourselves and I believe that we will become better and renewed.

In my next post I will make a list of powerful words of affirmations that I say to myself and that has changed the way I think.

Thanks a lot guys for making a date with me by reading this post. I am truly grateful… Please kindly share this post.

Do have a Fruitful Friday.


Don’t give power to the voice of the ‘haters’. You have to remember that that voice didn’t make you. That voice didn’t create you. That voice does not sustain you. That voice sure has nothing to do with any future blessings. That voice is null and void.   – Steve Harvey


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