When in doubt

Don’t be afraid! Stand your ground, and you will see what the Lord will do to save you today: you will never see these Egyptians again. Exodus 14:13-14

And the Lord shall be a light on your path, he shall never forsake you or leave you barren_

I often wonder how difficult it is for us to keep still & look up to God to reveal his plans for us, rather we look down to the world to offer us solutions that could never solve the problem.

When in a dry and thirsty land, when all options have been consumed and at this point there is no escape, you are trapped and in a total mess, the pressure is extremely high and we are tempted to resort to whatever could solve the problem.

Moses was faced with an obstacle, which was the Israelites, they were so negative minded, they were lousy, disobedient, boisterous, unfaithful, stubborn and most importantly always doubtful, they would complain  virtually about every little thing… I mean I would go crazy and so weak when faced with these but not Moses who was disciplined, patient, wise and calm in the face of trouble.

Let’s learn from him, let’s learn to be calm today when in doubt, let’s learn to talk to God and let him do what he does best, which is save the day.

When in doubt let’s not be in a haste to make decisions, let’s not take matter into our hands, it may be difficult but I don’t see how difficult your situation is as compared to what Moses faced.

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this post.

When in doubt what do you do? I would love to hear from you. Let’s share


Sincerely Judith


2 thoughts on “When in doubt

  1. Judith: “let’s learn to be calm today when in doubt”
    Duru: Oshey!! Pastor of Destiny! Making sense with every post!

    Hiya Bubba! Thanks for coming by the Young and Confused Gang! To say the least ehhnn.. *clears Throat… a NeFer hexspeRRed eet! I really dunno how you understood our confusions eh.. So Tthhhaannnkk you!!! For coming by! **Clears Throat AGAIN and Uncrosses leg.. You know yeah.. The best thing to do when in doubt is to Stay silent.. Pray to GOD and stay Silent again.. Cause then and only then can we hear the Amazing ghen ghen Spirit speak.. I am no Pastor oh Judith of Destiny! But this little I know is true!

    Thanks for sharing Nne.. Dont lose the light.. Blessings!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You putting smiles on my face eh?
      Thanks Pastor D for your words of encouragement. God bless you
      And that name Judith of Destiny? Someone’s gat some explaining to do…


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