Judith’s Diaries

I write this in total confusion as to what my life is turning into.

I write this with so much guilt in my heart and I feel the need to talk to you about how I feel

I am truly sorry for going against your will for my life

I never meant to hurt you but my selfish desires gave way to your plan for me

I wish I could turn back the hands of time, to correct this mistake that could claim my life.

I write to you as a sinner in need of your cleansing, I couldn’t go a day without you by my side.

Father can you hear me?

I come just as I am, weak, tired and afraid. Afraid of myself, afraid of my past

I don’t know where to start from but I believe that your love for me is all encompassing.

I often wonder why you chose me, why you love me with my filth, my mess and garbage.

I seek for a change to behold your presence, to be upright regardless of whatever temptations I face for I am well aware that you have equipped me with all I need to go through this journey and I believe you will never let go of my hand.

I loose myself to your perfect plan for me and I humbly relieve myself of whatever that is holding me captive.

Thank you so much Father…

Sincerely Judith…



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