At His Feet

I will take time out of my busy schedule to just sit at your feet

To behold your beauty and your wisdom that surpasses all human understanding

At your feet is where I am made whole

Just staring at you entrenched in the glory of your presence is enough to lead me through the day

No calls, no bbm msgs, no insgram, no facebook, or chitchat, no whatsapp, none of this is needed

For I am aware how we all claim to be busy trying to chase shadows…

We all want to change the world and because of that we all caught up with the wind, doing so many unnecessary things that is not in your plan for us

I realise that changing the world can only be achieved if we learn to just sit still and listen to you speak.

Your word is life and brings restoration upon those who seeks you..

I will sit just as Mary did, to listen, learn, and lean.

To acknowledge you as my Teacher and me as the pupil, to be teachable and ready to apply what I learn.

To sit with empty hands, not with a lot of jobs in hand, or in mind.

To sit and worship, to be focused on you, not ourselves

To sit not with hastiness or distraction…



4 thoughts on “At His Feet

  1. Beautiful post,Thank u so much for d reminder to sit at our master feet,our lives only become better when he reveals himself to us,for us to really know d path u has chosen for us,we need to make that deliberate effort to drink from him everyday,we can never figure out our lives on our own,we will b worn-out,confused,frustrated,we need jesus in our lives to learn from him,to emulate his character,to b like him,we are nothing without him,his word says cut out from me you can do nothing,dat word really gives me goose-bumps,i dnt ever want to b cut out from him,he his my life,i am nothing without him,i can never breath without him,there is no me without him,luke 10vs39,41
    Her sister Mary,sat at the lord’s feet,listening to what he taught,but martha was distracted by the big dinner she was preparing,41-My dear martha,you are worried and upset over all these details.42-,There is only one thing worth being concerned about.Mary has discovered it,and it will not be taken away from can also read& study john 15-1-7,God bless u.


    1. Wow! Milicent words can’t describe how happy I am to hear you say these words. God bless you a thousand folds. Thank you so much… Love


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